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If love doesn't cost anything, why is it so difficult to get in life?"?

Asked by zykel (63points) February 18th, 2010

explain it

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Because love is really expensive.

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Your heart is the gatekeeper to your soul. it costs zero to make it to the gate. to get past the gatekeeper, sometimes takes a lot of money and time. you have just not found the person with the correct key. keep searching.

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IMHO, most worthwhile pursuits in life are rarely easily obtained.

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It has to be given by the willing,accepted by the worthy.

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It certainly is free, but sometimes you have to risk a lot to achieve it. Many choose a safer route.

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I disagree with your premise that love doesn’t cost anything.

It costs all of the effort of developing into a worthy object of love. It takes tremendous time and effort and energy.

Once you achieve love, it takes tremendous time and energy to maintain it.

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It’s not necessarily free. Think about it: people spend thousands of dollars on clothes, hair styles, colognes/perfumes, makeup, even plastic surgery—all to look attractive to the opposite sex (or same, whatever floats your boat). And even after all that, you are not guaranteed true love. And when/if you do find love, there’s all the money you spend on dinners, dates, flowers, gifts… it never ends, really.

In an ideal world, people would not have to do anything to change their outer appearance and find love based on the beauty of their souls. But that’s not how the world is, and as @mcbealer said, you have work hard to find something as emotionally fulfilling as love. if that weren’t the case, it wouldn’t be so special, would it?

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It’s because it can’t be bought and requires a lot of effort and a lot of luck.

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Money cannot buy love. That does not mean that love is free. Love can be freely given, accepted and returned. What may be a problem with your equation is your definition of love. Or it could be you’re wookin’ pa nub in all da wong pwaces.

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It doesn’t cost money, but it sure costs a lot in terms of emotional investment.

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The only thing that can buy you love is your love. If you approach life with an unconditional love for yourself, that love will be expressed in everything you do. Expressions of love for your fellow human beings do not have to be corny or anything like that. Random acts of kindness; a smile where there is none; a kind word when appropriate; all these will make your day a little lighter.

As you give, so shall you receive. Start slowly at first, develop a habit of living a loving life. This will be reflected by what you receive from others.

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because people have all of these unrealistic expectations and act stupidly because of them

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Nothing in life is free.

We just give a free pass, now and then.

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It’s easy to get love, it’s hard when you limit your options.

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It’s not hard to get. Just hard to get in the form you want it.
If your open you can find it everywhere.

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It’s not hard to get, it’s sometimes hard to recognize or accept as is. People tend to want their version of love. Trouble with that is you’re way of loving isn’t necessarily their way of loving.

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If it weren’t free, you could just buy it. Easy as pie.

Since it’s not, you have to think of some other way to get it. Not everyone is original enough, or observant enough, or in the right environment, etc., to do so.

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sp your way of loving. I’m not a moron but, I play one on TV.

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For people who believe what you say is true, they simply don’t understand the reciprocal nature of love. You have to be a lovable person before you can ‘get’ love. Lovable people have no trouble finding love.

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