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What is a good site for me to start an anonymous blog?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31090points) February 18th, 2010

I’m interested in starting a blog, but it’s going to have some really personal information on it specifically about my mental illness.

I’ve used in the past and liked it. Is it a safe place for me to create a new account not linked to my google account where I can share my experience, strength, and hope related to living with mental illness?

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Blogspot is Google. I think others out there are Wordprss, Typepad, Livejournal, etc….but I don’t know if you have to pay after a certain amount of traffic.

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I like Wordpress. I’ve been using them forever.

Read my darn blog and make me famous.

I also have a secret blog on Wordpress and haven’t been found out yet.

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Not too sure but please keep me posted, I will love reading it :)

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The only blogging system I use at the moment is Livejournal. It’s definitely very easy to keep one anonymously, but in my opinion it’s not particularly attractive to serious/semi-professional bloggers.

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If you liked blogspot I would stick with it. You can create a new Google account and use that only for the blog.

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I don’t see a problem with using blogspot.

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“Tumblr is the one I use and it’s very simple to create manage and have a blog, especially an anonymous one. I had my “private life” one linked with my main one and after mistakenly posting a few private entries onto my public blog I decided it was safer to have them separated >.< Tumblr fit the bill for me and I use it like a private scrapbook, I love it! Not to mention the fact that it has an iPhone app ;)

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I read a few blogs on They look nice.

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If you want the ability to password-protect your blog, or some entries in it, wordpress is better than blogspot.

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I second using wordpress. It has tighter privacy controls. You will need an e-mail address to register.

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what @ElleBee said, choose tumblr.
way simple and easy to use.

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