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What type of paranormal activity was this?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) February 18th, 2010

The one evening many years ago, my girlfriend and I had an argument. I went to sulk in the bedroom and was laying on the bed (in the dark). She came into the room and sat next to me on the bed and was chatting to me and a bright orange ball of light flew in-between us and across the room. We both screamed off course and ran out of the room. Does anyone know what this was?

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I would love to know, too.

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I do not know what it is, but I will say that I have two friends who have experinece the organge ball. In one case thew ball was laughing. I wrote off as Peyote Buttons doing their work, but maybe not!

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It was Tinkerbell.

No, but seriously. What drugs were you on?

Or, maybe it was a firefly? Were your windows open?

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Were you near a swamp by any chance? Like, in Louisiana?

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Could just be a spirit or entity passing through. If it doesn’t repeat or seems to follow you, it probably isn’t a haunting or anything. Just be happy with the experience.

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@Grisaille I see what you did there!

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Whatever it was,just be glad it left!:)

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How do you know it was paranormal? This question seems to make the assumption that it was, but it might not have been.

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@DominicX It was you, wasn’t it!

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@erichw1504 no drugs, thing is we both saw it. It was the strangest thing I’ve experienced, in that I cannot name it. Oh well, I thought we might have had paranormal “experts” on this site, as I have often wondered about it.

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Were you anywhere near a swamp??

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How do you know this was paranormal?

I believe this was a close encounter….of the third kind.

Those darn aliens at it again

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I aint fraid a no ghost.Sounds like you were almost tangoed.

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@LeotCol loll very small aliens then?

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@Just_Justine Paranormal experts?

A good portion of us are godless, liberal assholes that criticize everything.

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@ucme Who ya gunna call?

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I’m just saying.

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As far as I know, they are simply called orbs. They aren’t considered a type of paranormal classification of a structure/place, but are more considered phenomena.

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How big was it?

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Once I got a call at work from my kids, then aged 10 and 12.
“Mom! We can’t get the TV to turn off! We turn it off and it comes right back on!
I said, “Unplug it and if it’s still on GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

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@erichw1504 Mr. Stay Puft.Marshmallows & oranges yummy.Phenomena do do de do do phenomena do do do do.

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@gemiwing That’s what I was thinking..some sort of static electricity build up. You usually see them in swamps, where they have also gases rising out of the water, and the gases cause them to glow.

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Perhaps it was the ever elusive ball lightening. Which is probably just as rare and badly understood as paranormal activity.

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@mrentropy See my response above your head.

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The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that it was one of our autonomous sensor and surveillance drones that had a malfunctioning cloaking array.

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@Val123 Swamp gas isn’t necessarily ball lightening. My dad, for instance, swears that he and the rest of my family (before I was born) saw ball lightening run through the house and we didn’t live anywhere near a swamp.

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I’ve consulted with some experts at the Jerry Lee Lewis Paranormal Agency, and they have shed some light on the situation.

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@mrentropy I was just coming up with the answer…..static electricity DID build up and then both the girls pooted at the same time which provided the gasses!! (I’ll look into your link on ball lightening…..sounds interesting.)

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I am with @mrentropy on this one.

I am more on the side of some sort of static charge.

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@mrentropy Oh! Nat Geo! Love it!

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@mrentropy That’s really cool! Thank you.
@Just_Justine OK….do you recall if it was getting ready to storm, or if it was storming, or there was lightening anywhere that night?

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@Val123 Yer welcome :)

Lighting farts could be it, too, for all I know.

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There you go.

I think what was left out of the story was they were lighting each others farts.

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I’ll never forget, one time my husband and I were standing in our living room. The was a lightening storm outside. Suddenly we both felt a charge run through our bodies that actually lifted the hairs on our neck and arms. You could feel it, like a physical presence running in from the right and running out on the left. It was freaky! I know now that that meant we both had a real good chance of getting hit right then, even though we were in the “safety” of our home.

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That’s why I always run to the tallest tree in the area and lie flat underneath it, all spread out.

Which, actually, is an unwise thing to do. Don’t try this at home.

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And don’t carry a 12 foot piece of metal guttering if there is lightening anywhere within 50 miles of you!

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Or shout, “All gods are bastards!”

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I waqs going to say that it sounds like an Orb but @gemiwing beat me to it!

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@mrentropy Yer crackin’ me up today!!! :)

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There is no paranormal activity. Your question should be: What is the scientific explanation of this strange phenomenon?

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I still think it is an alien probe.

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My girlfriend and I along with her younger sister all saw ball lightning years ago during one hellacious storm in Alpena, Michigan. There were three of them in a row. They fizzled and crackled and were blue/white. They were all about the size of a soccer ball. We thought they came through the patio glass doors. We all watched them roll across the floor into a wall one by one. We ran and looked but they didn’t come out the other side. They left no marks that I remember, but I also know that I wasn’t really interested enough to examine the carpet, which was a low knotted napp. I’m pretty sure there were no marks on the wall.
The thing was, at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. I never asked myself what it was. I felt that it was some weird form of electricity that I hadn’t seen before, and that at some point I’d learn more about it.
Allow me to add that this happened before I ever even knew what pot was, much less smoked any.

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@Val123 & @ChazMaz – Methane produced in the human digestive tract burns a bluish-green color, not orange. But, please don’t ask me how I knew that. LOL.

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@mattbrowne that would be subjective.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly – Yes I have seen the green.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly Just how do you know that?!
I’m just guessing here, but I’ll bet what they saw was a white glow, and imagination or excitment just painted it orange.

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An orb. Tho according to some of these other flutherers it could have been a chinese lantern.

From china!..........

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All the way from china!.........

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It sounds like a ghost. They are real. Don’t listen to the skeptics on it. I know they are real. There are forces that we cannot begin to understand.

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