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Are you good at sullen, uncomfortable silences?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) February 18th, 2010

Where does your talent come from? Do you have any really good tricks that help you make everyone really uncomfortable?

And if you can’t do this, why the hell not? What kind of family are you from? Why are you so damned functional? Eh?

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It comes from the land of the lost socks.I make some people uncomfortable when I wave my gun around like Yosemite Sam-but not all…My family is wacky.I am functional because I like to try new things!;)

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You want sullen uncomfortable silence you came to the right place. I have a penchant for facts and figures sort of like Santas you’ve been bad list that if I feel the mood needs a good beating I can tone it downs in a hurry.

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I’ve found that awkward silences happen after someone has said something objectionable. The following silence is awkward because they don’t know what to say next out of fear of digging a deeper hole. Better to change the topic at that point rather than dwell in the awkward moment. Jokes don’t help awkward moments. They just make awkward moments more awkward.
I recommend watching the US version of “The Office”. Whatever Michael Scott does, don’t do that.

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I have quite a talent for creating uncomfortable silences and awkward moments.
I find it to be rather fun.

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If you don’t know by now, then I’m not saying.

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I do a great Kubrick stare.

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well…apparently I over-analyze things and tell people how their statements represent societal patterns and are just the perfect example of some kind of power differential…eh…when, you know, they’re just discussing their weekend…yeah…

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I’m better at sullen, uncomfortable silences than I am at most other kinds of uncomfortable silences.

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@Captain_Fantasy I disagree, Ricky Gervais’s character is far worse than Steve Carrell’s when it comes to uncomfortable silences.

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Show people my socks. They never match so they either say something like “I like your socks >.<” or ”............... [by this time they’re like O_o] ....... why?..” I’m guessing people are used to seeing a gray sock with another gray sock?

I start talking to people about a cartoon show that I like to watch; and the person doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I then give them the look. The silence begins.

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If someone says something to me I don’t always respond. I’m not good at speaking when I have nothing to say.

Then when I don’t say something the other person doesn’t know what to say.

Usually it’s “awkward” to the other person. Not always so much to me.

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I try to make people feel comfortable. Maybe that is my fatal flaw.

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Sullen not so much. If I’m pissed I say so. Uncomfortable silence, yeah I have that one down to a fine art. Silence doesn’t make me uncomfortable so I can wait an eternity for the other person to speak.

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No, I suck. My mother has always been very passive/aggressive and stubborn, sullen-uncomfortable silences being her expert level weapon of displeasure- I have to get away. Me, the more someone puts up silence and avoids dealing with me, the more I dig in, dig down and go gunning for them but sometimes in deconstructive ways. There are past SO’s who are past because I responded to stubborn silence with tearing them from the insides out, mostly trying to get some reaction. Bad bad bad.

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