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Do you know anyone (or have you) who has graduated from an online college? Are online degrees taken seriously?

Asked by Blackberry (31062points) February 19th, 2010

I’m in the military, so I can’t go to a college campus, unless I want to deal with transferring credits as I move from station to station. I hear it’s a huge nightmare and I could end up doing work for nothing if credits don’t transfer.

I know a lot of parents and military etc. do college online, but I’ve also read that some online degrees aren’t as valuable as campus degrees, and that totally makes sense, but I don’t really have a choice I guess. Are there online colleges that have better reputations than others? Do you have any stories from people that have already graduated from an online college?

I keep reading things from people that haven’t graduated yet, but I want to hear from people that have graduated and how their job outlook is (I’m aware of the economy lol). Thank you.

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I have SEVERAL friends and colleagues who’ve earned their under grad and graduate degrees. It’s been a pretty consistent experience; you
must have disclipline. All enjoyed the flexibilty and online interactions.

It is recognized, some have gotten promoted due to obtaining the degree; I think it’s great to obtain the degree!

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My brother got his MBA online (though not his BS – that was at a “real” school). His company gave him a raise and promotion, so I guess they took the online MBA seriously.

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My son has his Associate Degree from an online college. he is now working on his Master Degree. To date, my son has been The Speaker of The House in a northwestern state and four years as the west coast head of Homeland Security. i would say his online degrees have been very beneficial for him.

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I’m attending Kaplan online. I’ll have a BS in Communications about a year from now, as I take two classes per semester. If you have the opportunity, avail yourself of it. It’s pretty great.

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I do not think employers view online degrees as favorably as degrees from traditional, in-person universities.

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Generally the school’s accreditation will determine if a degree is accepted. You are correct that online degrees are not as valuable as campus degrees unless the program was part of a reputable traditional university.

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@mirifique I believe you are correct.

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@mirifique & @thriftymaid- what are you basing your opinion on?

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@TLRobinson I work for hiring managers, have reviewed employment applications with them and this came up many times.

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@TLRobinson If I have two applicants with the same degree, one from an online only school and one from the University of Florida, or any other traditional university, with everything else being equal, I will hire the UF graduate. The college experience is life enriching and helps people reach their personal potential. You miss a lot of that with distance or online learning. If the online school is not accredited the applicant’s degree would carry no weight whatsoever.

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