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In D&D does anyone know what Jesus' official stats are? If not, what stats should he have?

Asked by stump (3835points) February 19th, 2010

Someone said on another thread that Dragon magazine published stats for Jesus. I googled it, but couldn’t find any. Anyone have that issue? If not, what stats would you give him?

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-1 to saving throws against pointy objects?

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Good field, no hit, weak arm. Can’t hit the curve ball. But he’s the guy you’d want playing defense or coming up to bat with the game on the line in the bottom of the 9th, I suppose. He does seem to make those miracle plays.

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I guess lv 20 cleric demi-god…18 charisma 18 wisdom 18 Intelligence 15 strength (he was a tradesman’s son) 18 con 11 dex
+special turning and healing

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@talljasperman: I think he’s have a higher charisma level. After all, he did get a bunch of people to make a religion after him!

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I agree. At 20th level, you should be able to have your highest stat at least a 22.

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You gotta make a saving throw plus infinity not to cream your jeans just by him looking at you.

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Were you thinking of actually playing him? Or using him as an NPC? The subject is of course very controversial, but leaving the theological debate aside, Jesus (who can cast a couple of “Raise Dead” spells as well as raise himself) is certainly a high-level cleric. He attracted a cohort of NPC followers, which is not that hard if your charisma is high enough, and his would certainly need to be around 20. His constitution was also quite high, if you look at what he goes through in “Passion”. And he still managed to haul a huge cross all the way up the hill. So pretty strong too. Wisdom and Intelligence are obviously high, though I guess he wasn’t much of a weapon master (so no weapon-related feats). Not even unarmed combat, since the brawl in the Temple of Solomon was a common fist-fight any level 1 character could start.

Overall, I think that, being God’s son, he simply rolled all 6s when creating the character, and is probably just a level 9 cleric with extremely high stats.

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This did occur way early on. Like, before 1980.

I’ll ask my hubby if he has a copy of it. We have a huge stack in the game closet, so it’s a possibility. I did a search as well, and I’m coming up blank. Not surprising, as the internet as we know it didn’t exist at the time of the magazine’s publishing.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That would be cool. Thanks.

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He does have a copy. It doesn’t have the stats for Jesus, but it does have Yahweh and Satan. Unfortunately, it’s hiding deep in the back of our gaming closet, but cleaning it out is on our list of things to do, eventually.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I would like those stats for Yahweh and Satan. I am willing to wait…

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Wow, this was a million years ago. We did drag out all of our Dragon mags, and it looks like someone swiped that issue at one point, along with a few others. We are going to start hunting down the issues we don’t have. I’ll let you know if we find that one

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