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What PS3 games should I check out?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) February 19th, 2010

I am a newly proud owner of a PS3 (finally). What games can this collective recommend that I check out first….

Here’s a list of what I typically enjoy, with conditions of course. Yep, I’m picky. Try to help me anyway, thanks guys!

Role Playing Games
First Person Shooters (don’t suggest MW2 or COD games)
Racing (other than Fuel, NFS and Pure)
TURN-BASED Tactics/Strategy (Not RTS)
I don’t really play sports games very often.

Being an avid gamer, I know about all the big releases like BioShock 2, God of War, FFXIII, Mass Effect, Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed, etc. etc. so I will get to those. I’m looking for more subtle titles, sleepers and great gems that didn’t get all that attention that you still hold in high regard. Suggestions?

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Resident Evil 5 and Kane and Lynch are great third-person shooters!

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I really want to get a PS3 sometime for all the PSN indie games, they look like great fun and I’m a huge indie game nerd.

Specific titles that have caught my interest: Pixeljunk Eden, Pixeljunk Monsters, Pixeljunk Shooter, Fat Princess, Burn Zombie Burn, Noby Noby Boy and some others.

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I’m a big fan of role playing games and I’d recommend White Knight Chronicles for the PS3. This game was delayed for a year but it was worth the wait and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I would highly recommend it along with Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion which was excellent also. And the huge release in Spring is Final Fantasy 13 which had been delayed repeatedly but looks to be incredibly good.

As far as action games go, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Assassins Creed are both excellent.

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Did you really read my Question and specifics?

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I am a huge fan of the Ridge Racer Series and RR7 for the ps3 is awesome. Download the Demo to Battlefield Bad company 2 and see if you like it, Resistance was fun. one of the big sellers for the system when it first came out and WarHawk was fun.

(Mass Effect is an Xbox 360 exclusive title sorry!)

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My husband is an avid gamer, and I would list his gaming preferences as almost identical to yours (adding that he loves games with sandbox modes for creating games and levels). After being married for 6 years, I’m pretty much converted, too. Our favorite PS3 game is Little Big Planet. It looks a little weird, I know, but rent it and give it a try. It is fast-paced, creative, and absolutely hilarious.

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@angelaclaire I am with you 100%. Little Big Planet is my absolute favorite PS3 game, hands down. The downloadable levels alone is worth it.

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Infamous and Arkham asylum are great games and I can’t believe nobody had mentioned metal gear solid 4 but try that before you buy because you might not like all the cut scenes if you don’t understand the storyline.

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I know you mentioned this already, but RUN, don’t walk to get Uncharted 2. I don’t even have a PS3 but I’d buy one to get it (if I didn’t already have two consoles).

Also, get Battlefield 1943. It’s the very best multiplayer FPS. There’s a reason it’s the highest grossing downloadable game in history.

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Metal Gear Solid 4
Little Big Planet
Valkiria Chronicles
Killzone 2
Disgaea 3

All the cross platformers that are good, like elder scrolls or orange box.

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I LOVE the mgs seiries But do NOT try 4 id you haven’t played the others it will make NO sense. If you decide to try it anyway, be wary of the online. Lags like crazy and has a horrible community.

For racing burnout paradise for sure.
For shooters
Resistance: fall of man (Not 2 though, it wasn’t bad, but was a big letdown)
MAG if you like online play, but know that it’s online ONLY.
Dragon age is pretty good and is made by the mass effect guys.
If you can handle being used and abused, Demon’s Souls. people say it’s hard, but the game isn’t so hard in and of itself as it is unforgiving. If you mess up, you’ll pay for it.

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