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Do you have "dropsy day"?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 19th, 2010

I hate it when it happens. i hate it when that day rolls around once a month. its my “dropsy day”. i drop most everything i touch. if i do not drop it, i am either falling over it, tripping over it, or bumping into it. is this just me or does everyone have their “dropsy day”? examples, if you please.

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I wouldnt say i had A dropsy day, more like 10 or 12. lol

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Yes! Once a month for about two days, in conjunction with PMS. (Hoping that’s not TMI.) Along with dropping things, bumping into things and tripping over lint, I also forget simple words like “shoes” or “dishwasher.” I don’t know why, but there it is.

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Great! i am not alone.

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A better name might be Clumsy Day. I had one of these very recently. I dropped three different glass or ceramic items within 2 hours (they all shattered into the tiniest pieces possible), I stubbed my toe, I hit my head (it still hurts!) and I spilled juice on my daughter’s homework. Days like these drive me to drink!

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I’ve had this a few times when I was really hung over. Last year I went out and watched a college basketball game that my school was in at a bar. I got really wasted and made it home at about 5am. The next day I woke up feeling exhausted, nauseous, and with the shakes. I went to work and dropped small things like salt shakers all day, and then I went to dinner with a friend and dropped two sets of forks and spilled tea on myself. Ugh.

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I do seem to go through phases where I am dropping things a lot and tripping.

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Usually, when I’m a rush (trying to get ready), or when I’m nervous, I tend to drop things, knock things over or bump into things (tables, and I get shoulder checked by the edge of the doorway..)

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@john65pennington Oh, no, you’re not alone. One day last week, it seemed like I dropped everything I touched. I was bending over more than I was walking upright. LOL.

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I have these when I need to catch up on my sleep. When I’m tired I get really clumsy.

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A dropsy daze makes dropsy days.

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“yep, dropped my drawers this morning!”

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BoBo, thats the time to crawl back in bed.

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@BoBo1946 So THAT’S what made my house shake!

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@john65pennington LOLL..i’ll never tell!

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@jbfletcherfan loll..what made the noise, my drawers falling, or me getting back into bed????//%#$%&^(

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@BoBo1946 LOL…well, it’s hard to tell. But if it was you getting back into bed, what did you do? The belly flop??? :D

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jbfletcherfan ohhhhhh…i’ll never tell….yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa %#^$%&)&

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@BoBo1946 Oh, but I want to know. :D

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jbfletcherfan oh no, something are better left unsaid..%#^%&%

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@BoBo1946 I have ways of finding out. Never underestimate the powers of a squirrel. ’-)

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@jbfletcherfan loll..or a woman!

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@BoBo1946 Oooohhhhh….NOW you’ve got it. :D

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Ahhhh I catch the dropsys all the time.
errr maybe i phrased that wrong.

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When I spill, drop or break three things, I get a novel, a pint of ice cream, and MIlo. We settle into a rocking chair that faces the view.

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I just blame it on a stronger gravitational pull.:)

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I’ve been working as a waitress for more than five years.

I never drop a thing.

I still have monthly “dropsy” days though, if you get what I mean HARDY HAR HAR

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I’m more likely to knock things over (on account of bad eyesight and inability to judge distances) than drop what I’ve already got in my hand. Once I’m holding something it’s pretty safe.

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