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Do you have an Enemy or particular Bugbear that occupies your consciousness more than is healthy?

Asked by mammal (9431points) February 19th, 2010

Do you squander too much psychic energy on a futile fantasy of retribution?

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As a Ranger I have a permanent +4 against Bugbears.

Seriously, I really don’t have a major beef like that with anything

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It’s foolish to waste time with futile fantasy!Say that 6 times fast!

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Oh yes.

As I start to snicker.

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Yes. And at this point, he’s not even worth my time, but OMG, I hate him with a passion that refuses to die.

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I can see what Voldemort’s doing whenever I want, if that counts.

Yeah I know stfu Symbeline.

In all seriousness, yeah I like picturing myself setting churches on fire and slaughtering countless innocent people while I’m listening to Cradle of Filth, but I’m actually a nice person.

Well actually no, but I know the fine line between reality and the consequences that would ensue for not knowing it.

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Oh, yeah. There are a couple of people who used to be two of my best friends who betrayed me in a nasty way. Basically, I was hooking up with him for 6 months and he refused to date me and then went after her, and she happened to be my best friend. I see them every once in a while and I never know how to act. I have fantasies, a little too often, I think, about encountering him in front of a bunch of my friends and giving him what for. Sometimes he has a gun and I bravely snatch it away and bash him the face with it. Sometimes he just grabs me and starts shaking me and I head butt him.

They’re very satisfying fantasies and I think I do have them too often.

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@Captain_Fantasy would that be a geeky d&d reference? lol :D

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