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What are some existing jobs this world doesn't need?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11447points) February 19th, 2010

I’ll start.
I know being a fashion model takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice and work but I don’t see how that’s a useful profession.

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Employee of TMZ.

Dutch Anti-drug Police?

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Porn stars.Well we can all point a camera can’t we?So much more fun when you DIY. Ahem…or so i’ve heard.

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I suppose that could apply to any of the entertainments. Like sports.

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Pet Therapists and Personal Shoppers.

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The women who won’t let you into the bathroom without a guitan (sp) in france or euros in italy.

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The guy who puts the hole in the doughnuts ;)

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The hole is the best part!

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TV Station Managers. What on earth do we do anyway?

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Anybody who stands on the stupid loser red carpet with a microphone and a camera pointed at them.
And anybody who is in any way connected with any reality tv show other than The Soup.

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Yea, ya got to love The Soup.

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In a time where so many are unemployed it might not be a good idea to make accusations that someone’s way to make a living is useless.

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Fountain Pen Repairer

tragiclikebowie's avatar

Telephone sanitizers.

Trillian's avatar

Some accusations are pointless and some are needless. It is what it is.

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@tragiclikebowie: not actually true, I think. germs can actually spread that way.

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Miami Vice Cops

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@Ria777 it was a joke and reference to Hitchhiker’s

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cops

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Political pundits.

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Personal injury lawyers.

Sorry! Don’t sue…. :)

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Hopefully all your jobs do nothing but contribute to the benefit of humanity and the earth, otherwise you are all a bunch of hypocrites.

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Infomercial spokespeople

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@tinyfaery Does that mean you don’t think jobs should contribute to the well-being (financial or otherwise) of the worker? I don’t have a problem with a job done for enlightened self-interest.

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I don’t see what that has to do with what I said. How can anyone judge that a porn star isn’t enlightened by their job?

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United States Senator.

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wouldn’t know where to begin, wouldn’t know when to stop, any parasitic occupation that entails being remunerated for work principally carried out by someone else. Our society is needlessly bureaucratic, administratively top heavy, overly complex and physically indolent in fact, you even have parasites feeding on other parasites it’s that awful.

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Governor of Alaska.

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@tinyfaery You said: Hopefully all your jobs do nothing but contribute to the benefit of humanity and the earth, otherwise you are all a bunch of hypocrites.

To me, that implies that any job that does anything else besides contribute to the benefit of humanity is bad, and the person who takes that job is bad. For instance, what about professional athletes? I don’t think their jobs benefit humanity as a whole, and I doubt someone like Ben Roethlisburger decided to play football for purely altruistic reasons. Nevertheless, he’s entertaining, and I have no problems with his making a good salary while he’s doing so. As long as the Steelers win, that is. :)

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Celebrity tabloid writers.

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Obama’s ‘Czars’.

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Bush had them, too. So did Clinton. They’re not a recent invention.

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But look at the numbers.

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