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Do pregnant women rub their stomachs a lot?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) February 20th, 2010

In shows they seem to do this all the time, especially if they are in their last trimester and as I always wondered if this was normal/standard for real pregnant women

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I am not woman nor am I pregnant but I have a huge belly anyway. I like to rub it especially when watching tv. Perhaps it’s a question of size – the bigger things are the more we like to rub it? :)

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We do tend to. The reasons for this are:

1. We are fascinated with the obviously growing life within us.
2. Stretching stomach skin itches and a pat works better than scratching when your skin is tight enough to explode.
3. Your body shape has changed so much and the sway back posture makes resting your hands on your stomach a comfortable position.
4. Junior is pushing on our lungs/bladders and we are pushing back so we don’t pass out or piss out.

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Yeah, @Merriment is probably right, more right then me :)

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I never did

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@jazzjeppe – just a case of “been there, done that”. I haven’t had the pleasure, yet of having a huge non-pregnant belly to rub while watching the telly. It sounds…..cozy! :)

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It’s a ritual to speed the onset of labor.

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Yes. Because it itches something fierce.

When your belly goes from flat to this in 41 weeks, there’s some skin irritation going on.

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There is also the wonderful sensation of feeling a little head or bum, a teeny fist or foot poking at you. I used to lie on my back with a newspaper on my belly and watch it move as the baby did.

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I do. There’s the itching, aching, poking, jabbing, feeling movement, as well as an instinct to comfort your baby and want to touch him.

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I used to touch my pregnant bellies all the time – one of the ways to interact with the baby inside.

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