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What's the most annoying thing that someone can do or say?

Asked by Cheeseball451 (775points) February 20th, 2010

What’s the most annoying thing that someone can do?

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driving: on the highway, people who drive slow in the left lane, oblivious that the left lane is for passing or going fast.

drivers in front of you, who slow down, and then they turn (slowly) without signalling, so you had no clue to go around them, or what they slowed down for

people who brake excessively, for no apparent reason.

saying: people who have no clue what they’re talking about but tell you what you “should do.”

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Anything to do with talking on a cell in public. I DO NOT care about your conversation. And driving while talking/texting. You are a safety hazard! Get a Bluetooth!

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Where’s my/the…..<insert keys…remote…glasses…purse/wallet…brain>>

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People smacking food/gum drives me nuts!

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“Oh look, it’s your mother-in-law coming to visit you.

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It’s annoying to be told ,“No”. I hate that ;)

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After discussing at lenght an issue with a friend and then they say “I don’t know what to tell you.” That annoys me. I would rather them say that they see my point, or not say anything at alla.

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Silent treatment, eating with an open mouth, talking while chewing, not washing hands after leaving the bathroom. Those are all a coin toss.

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Offer unwanted and off-the-wall advice or opinion about a situation or relationship that they know nothing about.

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People who bring babies to adult functions, then expect others to accommodate them. The cinema leaps out at me, but there are other less obvious ones as well. Also, people who get angry at having their discourtesy pointed out, like when you have to say “excuse me” to someone blocking the grocery aisle. I’ll say something like; “I’m so sorry, excuse me”, and many others do too. But there are those who roll their eyes, huff, make an angry face, or even a snide remark. Why? I don’t understand, and I find it annoying.

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Actually, this topic is along that line. Nothing like getting people to start directing their minds toward “what do you dislike?” Wonderful.

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Whew wouldn’t go in there right now.”

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(Working at a pharmacy)
“Ok we’ll have that ready for you in 45 minutes.”
“What?! It’s only a box you slap a label on!”

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Tell me, “I can’t do that.”

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Nothing, for ultimately annoyance is only a perception. Anyone – can and will do and say everything.

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” I told you so”

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Lie. That’s it.

i’m easy

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Standing having a little chat in the doorway to somewhere!! chewing gum with the popping snapping noise, wearing a toque in the summer, (I know, what do I care), People who say “I seen”, people at a dinner table you can’t get away from talking on a subject you have no know ledge about, excluding you, people wearing strong cologne and people with their noses so high in the air they would drown if it rained!

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I hate it when people say “I have no way of knowing”. Be that as it may, to me that sounds so like complete and utter defeatism. Makes people look weak, or, even arrogant, to think that they’ve tried everything and know all that is possible to know and that what is not known is impossible to know.

Of course my interpretation of it is probably quite wrong and saying this is probably quite legitimate, but I just can’t help it, it annoys me.

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One thing that annoys me that people say is when they add “no offense” to the end of the comment. Im gay, so a lot of people say something like “that movie was so gay (then realize Im there and say) no offense”. That irritates me, especially because I wouldn’t of been offended by the statement if they didnt add that last part.

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Complain about capitalism while enjoying it’s benefits.

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