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How would a small band fund a large project?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16563points) February 20th, 2010

I am specifically referring to the Dutch band Xystus, and their Equilibrio DVD. The band is unsigned, and is so small it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page of its own. How would they have secured the funding for such a large and extravagant production?

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It looks like Xystus is not a small band by any means. They are more than a decade old, and seem to have gotten consistently excellent reviews from most of the major trade mags.

They just aren’t well known enough in the states to have an english wikipedia article.

Additionally, being unsigned doesn’t mean being poor, just independent. That’s what nice about 2010: you don’t need a label to make good music that a lot of people go to hear.

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I just watched part of Traveller’s Theme. What a terrible band. Apparently they get a large crowd, that probably pays for their production costs. But by no means would I call them a tiny band, just a bad one.

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Quite often, the band doesn’t actually do the work, but they have an agent or promoter.

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