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How to get revenge?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) February 20th, 2010

If you were wanting to really stick it to someone, how would you do it?

Wait Awhile?

How would it be done?

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I would get revenge, by not getting any. Forgiving the person, and then considering it as normal as any other random variability in the universe.

Don’t forget, when you stick it to someone – you are also ‘sticking it’ to yourself. Which begs the question – why are you self-destructive? Ignorance is a common cause.

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I’d probably never talk to the person ever again. Doing good for yourself is probably the best way to get revenge.

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Don’t get mad, get GLAD

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If my life was an old Kung Fu flick then I would go for all out physical revenge with some mental abuse and public humiliation thrown in. With all this of course comes emotional instability.
Really though, unless you kill my family in cold blood I will let you die in your own floodplain of guilt and remorse.

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Revenge is only sweet for the moment. I think you would regret it later. Better to not get revenge and be the better person for it.

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@RandomMrdan & @phoebusg This is hypothetical of course, please remember that revenge involves you doing something wrong to a person, not using “self help” methods.

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well, since it’s hypothetical, I guess you could go godfather on them, and put the head of a horse in bed with them, and make them think you’re about to kill them.

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I denno, something like in “The Crow”, rise from the dead, wear cool Goth shit and go to town by being all radical.

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Revenge is a complete waste of time and hypothetically or otherwise I would not indulge in it.

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Don’t waste your time….or else ;)

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Timely. Especially physically though. And how would I do it? In the most ruthless way possible :)

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Revenge is for barbarians and fictional characters.

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Putting all your energy into revenge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

The amount of time spent in that much negative emotional space just isn’t worth it in the long run.

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If I really want to seek revenge, I go straight for what I know will hurt them the most, which is generally something emotional. If I know their secrets I’d use those to seek the revenge and really fuck their with their mind. However, I do not condone revenge even though I have certainly sought it on occasion…

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The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that revenge is for weak and honourless k’pekts.

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Getting revenge is focusing your energies poorly. All that anger, plotting and scheming just drains your of energy you can put to making your life better.

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I would get revenge based on how pissed I was. I’ve keyed someone’s car. Call me a bad person, I don’t really care haha. They deserved it, trust me; it was revenge. So I’d say your revenge level really depends on what went down. If she/he didn’t give back your shirt after you guys broke up, don’t seek revenge.

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Ok thanks for the answers guys, but it seems to me that many of you were stating your opinions on the topic of revenge instead of how hypothetically you would get revenge, regardless if you would do it or not IRL. But I suppose that is alright. If it were me plotting revenge, I think I would take something important of theirs and then toy around with them using it, like whats-his-name-english-accent-guy from the movie firewall. I could distort my voice with a modifier and be totally cool and right on. Yup.

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you could play a trick on them

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