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I can't decide if I want beats by headphones or not. Which headphones should I get?

Asked by jdogg (871points) February 21st, 2010

I really like the beats over ear headphones because they look sturdier, I’ve listened with them before and have really good reviews but they are really expensive. I really like the beats solo but I heard that they break easily and don’t have as nice quality audio as the over ear ones. Which one would you recomend out of these two? Are there ones you like better?

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the solos do break very easy. we’ve had two sample models broken at our store. if youre set on beats, go for the over the ear ones.

check out the bose selection too.

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Tried a whole lot of stuff…,all sorta mushy…
totally happy with Boise, good highs, mids, and very good bottom end.
all others, the wire would break in various places, within a month or so.
These i’ve used maybe a year, and they are the best i’ve ever had.

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@eponymoushipster Pretty much any demo product in a store will break easily. Consider how many hands they pass through, and sometimes a playful 4-year-old or a vandal gets hold of them and things go downhill from there. Bus seats are often dirty and tattered for pretty much the same reason.

Personally, I have tried all sorts of headphones and earbuds, and I have yet to find too many that are notably better than Koss Plugs. I am picky about my frequency response, range, and clarity. I have worn more than one pair of $300 phones that sounded like mud and fit like shit. There are few that can hit those bass notes I like to blast (my tastes include a lot of techno/trance/dance/house and a fair bit of metal), but my Plugs go down to 10Hz no problem and still manages a nice, even tone sweep up into the “dog whistle” range (20KHz) without wavering. I find it funny that the Beats site won’t post specs. Maybe they are afraid too?

They also do an excellent job of blocking out external sounds. They don’t just go in your ear, they go in your ear, like a foam earplug. That means you hear nothing but music.

As for durability, I only been through two sets in five years, and considering how they died, let’s just say that it wasn’t due to anything Koss could have foreseen. And unlike full headphones, there is no risk of them breaking if you drop them, nor is there a frame to warp/snap/manhandle. Unless those Beats are made of a titanium alloy, I’m pretty sure my phones can take them in durability.

And the part that I find fucking hilarious is that they only cost $15! I don’t know how that happens, but I can honestly say that they sound better than other things I’ve tried that cost ten times as much. Sure, they don’t look quite as cool (assuming your hair is short enough to leave them visible) and don’t have that “Look how much I can afford to spend!” bling-factor, but they do a damn good job.

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@jerv actually i watched it happen once. the dude just had a big head, and they snapped.

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