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What would you rather... Lots of clothes that were cheaper still look fresh tho or not so many clothes but expensive and designer labelled?

Asked by FreskBeats (26points) March 25th, 2011

What would you rather… Lots of clothes that were cheaper still look fresh tho or not so many clothes but expensive and designer labelled?

Whats your thoughts??

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Lots a clothes, but cheaper….I have a better chance of finding good styles with the cheaper choice…just because its expensive doesn’t mean it looks good on you…..and with the cheaper clothes I can always cut off or sow on whatever I want without worrying about messing it up…since its cheap its no big deal. And I can create my own style….for cheap. :D

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I’ll choose quality over quantity.:)

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Why would I give a shit if my clothes have designer labels on them.

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some people do give a shit tho! :/

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Actually if you shop right and buy more of a classic style you can get both! I get designer labels for cheap money, I also go to the outlet stores as well as being on their email and text lists. Calvin Klein last sent me a 30% off my entire purchase text to go shopping, this is where I purchase all my panties from so instead of paying the outlet prices for them I get them 30% cheaper! I do the same for my kids clothes I already have their next sizes and I only get them the brand name clothes. Everyone can’t believe how well they are dressed and most times I only spend a couple of dollars for each thing.

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I do most of my shopping at vintage and thrift stores and love being able to save money and find unique stuff. One recent treasure-trove of clothes was going through all my aunt’s old clothes that she no longer wanted. I found some really unique things. I also just dug through the back of my own closet and found old friends that I’d forgotten- after all that time, it was like finding something brand-new. I think most of us have way too much stuff, including clothes, and we treat it as if it’s all disposable. It ends up sucking up all our income and space. So I guess I would rather have fewer, cheaper clothes.

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I shop for and purchase only what I need. I don’t need a designer label. I don’t need a ton of clothes. So really the answer is neither, but between the two I’d rather have the cheaper clothing. I don’t need to spend a life’s fortune on something that I’m going to put on my ass.

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The cheaper clothes wouldn’t stay fresh…because they’re cheap…...a few washes and they’re done for lol. I’d rather have quality.

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Lots of clothes for cheap. To me it’s waaay better to be able to dress yourself and put a look together than have a Designer Brand do it.

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I don’t really buy “designer” clothes. I buy name-brands, but they’re not “designer” brands. It really depends on the quality of the clothes and how good they look. I do care about how clothes look, so if the designer clothes look obviously better, then I’d go with them. I have enough clothes already; I don’t need a ton more, so quality over quantity as @lucillelucillelucille said.

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Don’t care for clothing labels. Am poor. Cheaper it is.

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Although in my line of work cheap clothes are almost mandatory because I work in a glue factory and am constantly gumming up shirts and slacks. I would take tailored quality clothes hands down over cheap. No comparison in comfort and longevity too.

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Is it winter or summer?
For me, quality takes precedence in the winter–a couple well-tailored coats, good leathers, etc. In the summer, I wear cheaper stuff that still looks good, but was definitely less expensive.

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Dickies, Carhart tough pants and jackets that last. Army Surplus stuff last good and makes great cut off shorts. A lot of my vintage punk and metal band teeshirts i treat like rags and wear daily would fetch a pretty penny at Buffalo Exchange. Where what you want. I dont care.

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