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What's wrong with my ethernet?

Asked by Zajvhal (314points) February 22nd, 2010

Everything’s connected right and the cables are good, but my computer says network cable unplugged. I thought maybe the electric flickering last week might have messed up my ethernet card, but if that were the case, would it still show up under the ipconfig and the device manager and everything as working okay? What’s going on? Help!

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Have you considered turning everything off and leaving it off for a couple of minutes then turning it back on?

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Yes, I’ve even left it off for days. I“ve shut off everything, reconnected in various stages and turned it all back on. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my ethernet card…I’m guessing the card is the problem, but I just need to know if it were messed up, would it still show up as functioning correctly as far as the computer knows.

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@Zajvhal you know my uncle doug knows alot about computers would you like his email address:?

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Are there any other computers on your network?

If other computers have internet access, then clearly it is a problem with that specific computer, or with its ethernet cable. If you have no other computers, you may not know it, but it may be an issue with your router.

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yes, our wireless computers work just fine…
@MorenoMelissa1 that would be great! thanks!

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Try testing another ethernet cable. If that doesn’t work, like @Sarcasm said, you can be sure the problem lies with the computer itself.

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One short term solution is, if all the wireless computers work, purchase a wireless adapter for this computer as well ;)

If you try pinging your router, what happens?
If you don’t know how to, you can just hit windows key + r and type ping into there.

I’m really not a network master. If I was there I would try all sorts of fiddling, but I don’t know how much of it would do anything.

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Adding to @lilikoi‘s answer (Try testing another ethernet cable):
—Try another computer
—Try another ethernet port on the router/switch

So you can isolate the problem among router, cable and PC.

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Dudes…I’ve done all these things…it’s either something with the pc or the ethernet card itself..but I’m basically just wondering if there’s anyway the ethernet card could still be bad, even though it shows up as working correctly on device manager and everything.

Zajvhal's avatar I think it’s just the faeries f“in with me…cuz I just reattached all the cables and checked everything again…except this time, when I hooked up the modem directly to the computer it starting searching for the IP address…never found it, but it started searching (it actually had that problem first, directly after the power flicker, then went to unconnected) But it was a brief stint or my imagination, because it’s not doing that anymore. Back to disconnected. I think I give up

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Sure, it’s possible that your ethernet card could’ve bit the dust.
You can head down to your local electronics store and find a NIC (Network Interface Card) that’ll fit in a spare PCI slot, pretty cheaply (I just googled and I’m seeing some for <$10). You could alternatively just get a wireless adapter that will also fit into a spare PCI slot. Steeper price (I’d expect ~$40), and not have to deal with ethernet cables at all.

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@Sarcasm yes…I’m afraid I think these are my only two options at this point…thanks for your help!

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your spelling internet wrong. thats what wrong

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@sbearrae Oh the irony ! You’re spelling ‘you’re’ wrong and @Zajvhal does mean ‘ethernet’ which is the wired connection from his computer to his household network.

I don’t have much to add to the excellent observations already made about the OP. Sounds like the ethernet port is toast. It happens and per recommendations a new NIC in a PCI slot will do the trick.

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