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Good Alternative for Skullcandy Over-Ears?

Asked by sethpiper (19points) February 23rd, 2010

I have had multiple pairs of skullcandy headhpones (a couple pairs of HESH and one pair of Agents. I really loved the sound I got for my money and I never had any sound problems. But on My HESH pairs both times the plastic cracked and made them unwearable. So are there any good alternatives to look at this time around? I still want to stick in the skullcandy price range and style though

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you’re probably not looking for we resources but think at headroom you can compare within a price range – that might help.

there’s a really great british site with awesome reviews and suggestions- I just can’t think of it- maybe I will-

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was the question not just asked?

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The Koss Portapros are AMAZING! They’re also pretty cheap.

Another alternative would be anything from Sennheiser.

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