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Women who wear makeup - Have you made the switch to mineral makeup?

Asked by essieness (7693points) February 23rd, 2010

I started using Bare Minerals about 7 years ago and haven’t looked back since. It’s so light, good for my skin, and lasts so much longer than liquid foundation. Now, when I think about using liquid foundation, I think, “Ick!”

If you have switched, why? And which brand do you prefer?

If you haven’t switched, why not? And which type of foundation do you use?

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I don’t wear makeup too often, but yes, I switched last year. Other makeups both dried out my skin and clogged my pores. I was at the Bare Escentuals store last week (they have my perfect color for foundation) and was pleased to discover that they have a concealer formulation as well.

Until I can get to a dermo and sort out my dark marks and scars, I’m glad I have something available to me to cover them up with

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I don’t wear foundation makeup. I just put on a little lip conditioner for everyday. If I’m going out I might wear mascara, sometimes a bit of blush if I’m feeling a little pale.

Am I missing something with the mineral makeup? Would it help my skin look better?

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I have been using Bare Minerals for about two years now. @essieness you are right that is feel light on your skin and the coverage is great.

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I have been a bare minerals girl for 2 years now. It is light, looks natural, and the foundation powder lasts me several months. If I sweat it stays on my face and it doesn’t get on my boyfriends shirts. I don’t know how I used liquid makeup before.

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Yes, it’s the only make up I wear. To be honest, I prefer not to wear any, but when I do, it’s bare minerals or rare minerals. They’re all my sensitive skin will tolerate.

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I’ve been using Maybelline’s mineral foundation powder for a long time. Love it.

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@wilma If you don’t wear foundation makeup, I wouldn’t start now. But, if you ever wanted to try something that covers better than a powder, but isn’t heavy like liquid foundation, then give it a try.

Here’s a video.

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Rarely, but if I do I prefer tinted moisturizer.

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I also use Bare Minerals and it’s been okay for me. I wish it had a little more coverage for under-eye circles and stuff. It does feel the best of anything I’ve tried and looks great. I only wear makeup a couple times a year, but that’s pretty much all I use.

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Bare minerals!! loveee it.

@ubersiren I have an eye shadow by them called well rested and I just put a little bit under my eyes before starting the rest of the makeup routine and it makes my under circles basically disappear!!

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@sevenfourteen I was going to mention Well Rested too! I have deep set eyes and I have very dark circles, and that stuff is a miracle.

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I never wear foundation for day-to-day activities. I find that concealer and powder do the job for me, and I sometimes wear a tinted SPF30 moisturiser.

Once I tried mineral makeup from one of those stalls where they give you a free trial in order to try and sell you their product, and I did like it. I can’t afford makeup like that at the moment, but one day when I’m older and have more makeup-worthy events to attend, I will probably go and get myself some.

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I rarely use foundation at all. I like mineral foundation overall, but it does settle into fine lines more than liquid foundation. I think I look older with it on – and not in a good way. You would normally not notice any wrinkles on my face, but you would if I wore mineral makeup. Trust me, I know not to use too much. It even looks that way when the lady in the Bare Escentuals shop does my face.

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I sometimes use a very expensive mineral powder, but sometimes an inexpensive drugstore liquid foundation. I don’t think the mineral powder is super-amazing compared to the liquid. It seems to wear off a lot more quickly, although it looks a little better re-applied.

It also has the problem of either it’s not enough to cover my blemishes or it looks heavy. Also, with my liquid foundation, I mix two shares together to get the exact color of my face. I can’t do that with my pressed powder, and my face is too dry for loose powder.

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I use Loreal’s Bare Naturale (I usually buy it at Wal-Mart). I’ve used it for a couple of years.

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@sevenfourteen Awesome! I was unaware of that. It’s been two years since I bought the foundation, and I haven’t really shopped that brand since. Thanks for sharing!

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I like mineral foundation, but i make sure i put on a primer before so that the powder stays put for a long time. The best brands i have tried so far are bare minerals and bellapierre. Both super good! I do like liquid foundation still, but I switch it up. I think it’s great for oily skin, but for people like me with dry skin, it might be too cakey and dry.

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