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What is your nightly bedtime beauty regime?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) October 27th, 2008

I haven’t used soap on my face in years…I use those wonderful Oil of Olay or Dove cleansing cloths, followed by moisturizer. Plus I never dry my face, I let the water air dry. Curious what everyone else does. And I never go to bed with make up on. How about you?

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Getting nekkid!!!

i feel so naughty now! hooray!

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Nothing specific anymore. My nights have been rather wonky of late. But I usually just wash my face with plain water.

I actually prefer to leave some eye makeup on (I know, it’s not really healthy), because the next morning’s remnants often look nice and soft once cleaned up a bit and then I don’t have to spend precious time putting on makeup.

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I use whatever soap is in the shower to wash my face….use an astringent once I get out of the shower….and then maybe a little lotion on my cheeks if they feel dry.

Not too impressive, huh?

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Wash face, brush teeth, fall in bed.


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g’night loser, Ha ha!

I use Aveeno Positvely Radiant at bedtime. It makes your skin really soft, and it smells great! It’s like aroma therapy.

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ohh golly. wash face with knock off cetaphil soap, pat dry, put on cetaphil moisturizer, wait 20–30 minutes, put on differn, wait a few minutes, put on other medicine stuff.
I hate having bad skin D:

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Beer. In the morning I use Body Shop Tea Tree Wash and a light moisturizer.

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Doors are locked. Check.
Turn off all the lights. Check.
Look for hairy ape husband. Check.
Snuggle hairy. Check.

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Cleanse makeup off, wash with off brand cetaphil, slather on moistureizer and hope it makes me look younger.

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Brush teeth for two full minutes with Sonicare. Floss if I’m in a generous mood.
Swipe aged face with virginally-clean washcloth. Knock back antidepressant
and anti-cholesterol meds.
Get the kitty. Say good night to the dog. Say goodnight to the sky.

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1. Brush teeth.

2. Take off shoes and jeans.

3. Sleep.

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@generalspecific: I know what you mean:

Wash face with Cetaphil face wash, apply Aveeno night cream. Wait until that has dried up a bit. Apply Differin. Take my Septra pill.

The morning is MOTS: Wash again with Cetaphil, apply Neutrogena moisturizer, apply Duac, wait for everything to not be so sticky anymore, apply make-up, and head out.

I, like you General, hate having bad skin. But even more than that, I can’t stand peole who can just jump in bed without doing a thing to their face, and they have perfect skin. Grr…. If I even thought of doing that, I’d break out.

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brush teeth, remove contacts and clothing, climb into bed, find the flat sheet, turn off lights.
oh, you said beauty? well i think i look pretty hot when i go to bed…does that count?

Do you guys remember that part in the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” where Robin Williams (ie Mrs. Doubtfire) sticks his face in the cake, and then tells the woman its his “nightly merengue mask, part of his beauty regiment” ? That cracked me up so much! I must have been about 6 when that movie came out. It was the first time I had ever heard the phrase “beauty regiment” and it’s still the first thing that comes to my mind.

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@les: exaaaactly. i wish i could just come home and go to sleep and not have to worry about all that junk. and taking contacts out too. makes sleep overs sooo annoying. and camping. :(

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Exfoliating cleanser, pat dry. sleep.

I’m lucky though, I can go a few days without getting a pimple from not washing my face. Even then it’s like a pink spot. Don’t hate me guys, I had my hell in middle school. :-p

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Brush my teeth. Quick swipe across my face with a wet washcloth.

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Shave, wash & condition hair, scrub body – in a REALLY hot shower. Colapse in bed to the rythmic tones of wife snoring.

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- Brush my teeth and floss
– Take a leak
– Strip
– Sleep

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I turn off the lights : P

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After everyone else is asleep, stay on Fluther until I can’t keep my eyes open. Pee, strip, sleep.

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1. Think about going to bed.
2. Tell myself I will only play one more game of Scrabble on Lexulous.
3. Play at least 3 more games of Scrabble on Lexulous.
4. Curse myself for staying up so late again.
5. Brush teeth and put in occlusal guard for TMJ.
6. Break my rule and take laptop into bed to play one more game of Scrabble on Lexulous.
7. Fall asleep with tiny dog on one side and large cat on the other.

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I have no nightly beauty regimen, but the thought of a beauty regime made me imagine Kim Jong-Il or Fidel Castro in curlers.

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@cwilbur everyone has a routine at night…lol

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deaddolly, i think cwilbur is making a crack about the use of the word “regime” in place of “regiment”

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well….it sounds better to me! I think of a military regiment. lol

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1. Wash my Fash
2. Brush my teeth.
3. Put on moisturizer.

That’s it. Sometimes I skip the moisturizer.

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@Barbie never skip the moisturizer!!!!

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Actually, you have regime—the rule of a country by a particular person or group, such as the Castro regime or the Kim Jong-Il regime. Usually, it’s pejorative—someone referring to the W regime would not be likely to say flattering things.

And you have regimen—the usual routine, such as a diet or beauty regimen.

And then you have regiment—the military division.

I was both pointing out that I do not have a beauty regimen and playing with the mistake in the question.

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omg it’s the fluther police wanna-be’s.
google beauty REGIME and see what you get.

And why the FUCK would a word bother you so much?
And if you don’t have one…here’s an idea SKIP THE QUESTION.

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Settle down, Dolly. He’s just having a gentle joke. Not personally attacking : )

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I don’t consider that funny and I’ve a great sense of humor. He’s just being irritating.

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Humor is subjective, you can’t have a great sense of it over everything. People laugh at different things, like you said, if you don’t like something, skip it.

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Thank you for that interesting point, cwilbur.

I decided to OED it, and it turns out all three words came into English through French, and they’re all derived from the same Latin root.

And actually deaddolly was correct in her use of the word “regime”. One of the definitions is:

“A regulated system, as of diet and exercise; a regimen.”

Here’s dictionary,com link to the definition

(#5 under the first set of definitions; #4 under the second; #2 under the third)

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ohh golly this innocent little thread is getting too technical

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@deaddolly: I advise you, seriously, to unclench.

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cwilbur, that’s really funny – you’re giving her advice!

i have some advice for you too! i advise you to avoid making fun of people when you don’t even know what you’re talking about!

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@La_chica_gomela: Indeed, I do know what I’m talking about, which is part of why I made the joke I did. The fact that dictionaries, which take a more or less descriptivist approach to language, record that many people use regime in place of regimen is not a sign that the words are completely interchangeable. You’ll find similar descriptions of the incorrect usages of “flaunt” for “flout,” and for the confusion between “imply” and “infer.” This does not make them correct; it simply means that the usage is widespread enough that the editors of the dictionary have chosen to record it.

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Everyone seems a little overdue for their midafternoon beer. I know I am.
[Stops fluthering for some VERY IMPORTANT business.]

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brush and floss,
wash my face with purity by philosophy
put some moisturizer on,
rub a little bit of vaseline on my lips and eyelids as well as under- eye and then faceplant into my bed… mmmm shleep.

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“The fact that dictionaries, which take a more or less descriptivist approach to language, record that many people use regime in place of regimen is not a sign that the words are completely interchangeable.”

cwilbur, the words are actually related. they come from the same root. i think it’s possible that this word has been used that way for a long time, and if i remember when i get home i’ll pull up the earliest recorded usage for you.

you have clearly never studied linguistics if you believe that multiple people consistently using a word a certain way does not lead to that word acquiring that meaning. this is the way that words acquire definitions, it is the basis for all language. What if the first time a person looked at a pair of objects and said “two” the person next to them said “no, that’s wrong, you can’t use that word that way”? where would we be as a human society? we would be without language.

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• Brush my teeth.
• Floss if I’m feeling ambitious.
• Get in my woobs.
• Get a drink of water.
• Read the dictionary for about an hour.
• Turn off the lights.
• Get a full night’s rest in order to do linguistic battle on the Fluther front.~

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La_chica_gomela, you have clearly never studied linguistics if you don’t understand what “descriptivist” means, and the contrast with “prescriptivist.”

See how asinine that sounds? It’s probably best if you stop assuming what I have and have not ever done simply because I disagree with you.

Further, it’s probably best if you stop the dictionary-thumping now, because you’re trying to use a descriptivist tool to make a prescriptivist argument, and thus you are not likely at all to convince me, and if you continue it’s only going to reinforce my assessment that you don’t grasp the distinction between descriptivism (which you seem to heartily endorse) and prescriptivism (which seems to be an alien concept to you.

Further, consider what happens when you have three related words with different shades of meaning, and what happens to the richness of language when people who don’t know any better use them interchangeably. Consider insure/ensure/assure, infer/imply, accept/except, flaunt/flout, and the like—what happens to the language when careless and ignorant people use words incorrectly? It is greatly diminished, and all in the name of a foolish populism.

Carry on thumping your dictionary, if it makes you feel better; just don’t expect it to convince anyone until you understand the logical fallacy you’re dancing around.

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[mod says:] let’s stick to the bedtime beauty methods please.

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PnL, how am I supposed to carry out my routine of beautifying myself this evening with lotions and exfoliation, and uh, that other stuff girls do, knowing that cwilbur is trying to say I’m making a prescriptivist argument (when I’m obviously not) AND that he’s saying I don’t even know what that means, AND knowing that he’s having the last word about a bunch of other stuff too? How can I possibly, you know, apply cold cream and um… remove my eye-make up when he’s calling deaddolly careless and ignorant? How can I possibly?

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@cwilbur: I stuck up for you earlier, but “careless and ignorant”? Uncalled for.

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Yikes. Let’s get back on topic. What started out as a little joke has turned into some nasty snarling – Can we all just put it to rest?

Personally, I don’t do much for my skin at night. Should I? I’ve had acne for years, and nothing I do seems to make it go away.

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You guys are freakin’ hilarious. To answer the question:

1. Eye make-up off with Pond’s
2. Clean face with Kiehl’s Gentle Foaming Face Wash (have not gotten ONE zit since I started with this stuff about 2 years ago!)
3. If face seems particularly dry, use Kiehl’s Light Moisturizer
4. Brush teeth
5. Floss teeth

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