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And while I'm asking meta-ish questions... Who's the cat in the Fluther page not found page?

Asked by JeanPaulSartre (5779points) February 23rd, 2010

So you go to a place on Fluther that’s not there – like when you follow an old link, and you get a good shot of someone who looks like they just finished coding all of Fluther overnight. (eg Old question) Who is this king of the 404 page?

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That’s Ben, isn’t it?

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It’s Ben, I believe. Although I did go to the page and look for a cat…

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Here’s the source code:
<img alt=“Huh?” src=“”>

Tha must be Ben.

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I thought you meant cat, as in meow.

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Ben is on the 404 page.

Basil is Andrew’s cat that is on the maintenance page. (I think)

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So it is a kitty cat.

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@johnpowell There actually is a cat somewhere? Haha – I was using it in the 1930’s jazz man sense… because I’m the oldest 29 year old ever.

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@JeanPaulSartre Hahaha. When the site goes down for maintenance, there is a picture of a cat on a laptop.. a real cat. That’s Basil.

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@rangerr I had no idea. I think that kicks the crap out of the Twitter Fail Whale.

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Actually… looking at another picture of Basil… I don’t think that’s the same cat.

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