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What's the easiest and cheapest way to get faxes into email?

Asked by jjclarkson (31points) February 24th, 2010

I’m looking for a Linux (Ubuntu) based fax to email solution for receiving faxes and sending to email. Also how do you handle multiple email recipients from the same receiving fax number?

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It’s possible to do with asterisk, although Fax-over-SIP isn’t a great plan, so you’d cheapest need a very simple phone line ($5–10/month) connected to something like a digium FXO port—something like this

You could also use E-fax——which I use, which costs something like $15/month (there used to be a free option, but I can’t find it)—they’ll PDF and e-mail you the faxed files.

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Choose from one of the services on this page…

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I’ve had a free efax account ( for over a dozen years now. I’ve had the same number (a Michigan Area Code, from when I lived there) and can still receive faxes on it for free, even though I’ve moved three times, worked overseas, and changed computers at least a half-dozen times or more.

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I have a free efax account, too, and I am happy with it. The price I pay is a Utah area code (I have no connection to Utah), a few spam faxes a week and some spammy email.

The spam is intentional, the free account is ad-supported. The spam faxes are easy to ignore, they almost always have obvious names like “Corporate Travel Dept”.

A paid account removes the spam and give you PDF faxes instead of proprietary efax format.

You could set up your email program to automatically forward efax messages to a distribution list.

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