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How to program a television for "closed caption"?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 24th, 2010

My mother is 92 years old and deaf. her hearing aids are of no use to her. she has a Panasonic television, which is about 5 years old. i want to program the closed caption feature of her television, so she can at least read the words as being said on the screen. i have made several attempts to install this feature, but without success. i go to the menu screen and click on cc. nothing happens. need advice on what the heck i am doing wrong. any takers?

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Closed caption will only work if that broadcaster is using closed caption.

After you turn it on. Surf the channels to find channels that are using it.

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There should be a button on your remote saying CC.this is closed captioning.Just press it until you see caption 1 on there.

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I just went through this about 2 weeks ago for my 84 year old mother who has a new TV, but is hard of hearing.

As one of the posters pointed out, closed caption does only work if the broadcaster is using it. However, if you have cable or satellite, you will find that most “modern” broadcasts do broadcast with closed captions and even some of the old movies are broadcast that way. However, at least in my experience you cannot get closed captioning just by channel surfing. Also, again from my experience, the remote device does not necessarily activate closed caption. You probably need to set up the television properly. Here is what I did.

First, I found the manual and the remote FOR THE TV, not the remote that mom was using for cable. I went into the set up functions. There were several different choices there for different functions. I thought it would be under languages, but it turned out that it was under an icon for a wrench. Anyway, once I found the “CC” I just turned it from “off” to “on” and Bingo!, closed captioning was there for most of the stations she watches.

If you don’t have the manual for the TV, you might be able to find it online.

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