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How do I unsign-up for this website (see details)?

Asked by Likeradar (19580points) February 24th, 2010

A few days ago I got an email from a friend (someone who has never sent me anything even as spammy as a forward) inviting me to join a social shopping network called shoppybag . com. It went to my inbox, not my junk folder. So I clicked on the link and signed up to check it out. Before I knew it, I was getting emails from everyone in my gmail contacts asking me what shoppybag is. The same legit-looking email I got from my friend was sent to friends, relatives, even professors. OY.

I emailed a bunch of people and told them to please, please, please ignore it. And I’m hearing from people that the damn website keeps re-sending them.

I’m sure it’s my fault and there was some kind of small print I missed. I’ve looked at the site for some kind of cancel out option, but I can’t find any and I don’t want to keep signing in in case that sends more spam.

So, I know this isn’t the most pressing issue in the world, but how the hell do I get this to stop? Anyone?

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From the TOS:
Users with questions about this Privacy Policy and any of the aforementioned statements may contact ShoppyBag by sending a message to

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@grumpyfish That easy, huh? Whoops. Thank you!

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@Likeradar Well… it might not work. But it’d be the firs thind I’d try =)

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@grumpyfish I just emailed them. And I sounded mad. :)

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Thanks for giving us all a warning. Personaly I don’t care to know what my friends buy.
Just to make sure, did you say sent a bunch of spam to all your friends?
Now, If someone cares to do a search your thread will come up.

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@worriedguy Yes, SHOPPYBAG.COM SENT SPAM TO ALL MY FRIENDS. It sucks even when you get past the spam. Totally useless crap wasting space on the intertubes.
I don’t really care what my friends are buying either… the person who’s name the spam was under is kinda awesome, so I thought if she was into it my “personal invitation” might be worth checking out.

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Change your email password now.

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@jaytkay ooh good call. Didn’t even think of that. Thanks!

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@Likeradar Oh, and learn a lesson: even people you completely trust can accidentally click something. In fact, they might not even be that person: it’s really easy to send an email under a different person’s email address :)

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