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What's your lucky charm?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) February 25th, 2010

Do you have a specific item(s) that you hold, use, wear, etc… during a specific event or time in your life as a lucky charm (figurine, shirt, rabbit tail)?

If so, what is it and for what event (final exam, sporting event, just life in general)?

Why do you use it as a lucky charm? For how long has it been your lucky charm? Do you believe it actually works or are you just hopeful that it works? How often has it been good for you?

What are your thoughts about lucky charms?
Not the cereal… unless that is your lucky charm!

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Lucky Charms.

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My pocket knife is my lucky charm.

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I have a ball of insulation foam that I pulled from an apartment building about a year ago. I drew on it and gave it a name, then set it in my car on the dashboard. It kind of looks like a piece of bread. lawls.
But it just sits there and does it’s thing. I don’t really think it’s brought me much luck, but it reminds me of a couple of things from the day I got it, so it gives me a little hope and courage throughout the day to keep going.

My foam and I 4ever yo.

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@Vunessuh Haha, that’s awesome.

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Fuzzy dice.

What was the symbol that denotes sarcasm again??

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I make my own luck.

/harvey dent impression

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I don’t carry a charm with me everywhere I go, but I consider the wind moving through trees a lucky charm for me. If I am walking somewhere while a gust of wind rattles the branches and I take the time to be aware of it I feel as if I am being blessed by nature. Maybe a bit like Legolas? :)

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When I was deployed to the United Arab Emirates back in 1999, I found a small 18 karat gold elephant in a jewelry shop in Abu Dhabi that I really took to. I attached it to a gold chain and I’ve been wearing it consistently since then. I don’t know if it has brought me luck or not but elephants are one of my favorite animals and since life has been way above average for me since 1999, I guess that little elephant must be having some kind of a positive impact. I’ll think I’ll keep him a while longer.

As far as the effectiveness of lucky charms in general? I really don’t know and I don’t have any kind of informed opinion on this. Sorry.

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Cap’n Crunch I always have a baggie full in my pocket never go anywhere without it!

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@Bluefreedom That reminds me of a friend of mine, the father of someone I went to high school with. He was in the Marines during the Vietnam War and was stationed in Hawaii for awhile for some special training. He said that he didn’t take the war seriously and that he and his friends started a religion where they would wake up every morning and shout “Ralph!” at the top of their lungs. Ralph was a rat who lived behind the sun and if you performed this ritual he would protect you.

He said that they did this for a couple of weeks in Vietnam, but eventually the fear got to them and they mostly became praying Christians.

One of the most interesting soldier stories I’ve heard.

@Cruiser It’s interesting that one type of cereal is another type of cereal for you. ;D

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@timothykinney. And an appealing little story too. Thanks for sharing that. =)

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@Vunessuh My foam and I 4ever yo

Lol! So cute. :)

I don’t got no lucky item…I do purposely step under ladders though, just to get weird looks from people.

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I have a lucky charm system that I have used for over 30 years. I found a real silver coin, a Mercury dime, in a bunch of change and started carrying it around. A couple years later I found another one and gave the original one to a friend as a lucky coin. Over the years I would find full silver coins and keep the one I found and give away the one I had been carrying. I no longer have much coinage to sort through and I’ve been carrying my Kennedy half dollar for many years.

Quick story…I once lent my lucky coin to a friend who was going on a date with a girl he really liked. After the date he gave the coin back to me and said the date had been great. This was in 1984 or 85. In 1987 they got married. I was the best man and about two days before the wedding I found another silver coin and during the toast at the reception I presented them with the coin I had lent him for the first date. Not a dry eye, people. Not a dry eye. yes they are still married!

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My favorite thick socks.

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Ahh der always after me lucky charms!! My kids have always brought me luck.I’m one lucky Dad.

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