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What old way do you hang on to even though you know the new way is better?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) February 25th, 2010

Washing my hands today, I realized I have a preference for bar soap over liquid soap. I can see that liquid soap is better – it’s neater to use, there’s no waste, and it’s more sanitary.

But I still like the bar soap, and I don’t even know why.

What “old way” do you hang onto even though you know the newer ways are better?

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I also prefer bar soap. Mostly because the cap can’t be left off and then the bottle dropped on the floor and then all the soap leaks out and down the drain. Also, I hate those puff-ball things.

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This may be a really old way, but I sleep on the floor, for absolutely no reason. I tried it once and liked it for some reason, and so I continue.

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@TehRoflMobile I slept on a futon mattress on the floor for a long time. It drove my family nuts. They saved up and bought me a bed frame and mattress, which I didn’t even want.

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For some reason I have a seething hatred of cellular phones. I despise them.

I have one phone at home and that’s good enough for me.
I’m sure they have their other uses, but on the other hand, I have a computer right here at home that I use for going online, I don’t need a cell to do it.

Now people might argue that it’s convenient to be able to go online wherever you are, and no doubt it is, and again, while I welcome the advancement and evolution of technology everywhere, I honestly think that if the Internet, texting and stupid little games is so important to you that you always have to have it on you means a serious loss of connection (Irony lulz.) with society, and the world itself haha.

On the other hand that is what things are becoming, so what the hell do I know. Be that as it may, I would only get a cellular phone if, for some reason or another, it was a vital tool for my job.

Also I’m sick and tired of having video game franchise exclusive titles being only on cell phones. Who the fuck wants to play a Silent Hill game on the phone? Come on!

So yeah, I love my old landline and my answering machine, and no way would I ever get a damn cell to carry around with me so that people could bug me wherever I go.

So I know cells are better than landlines because you can communicate anywhere and any time with them, but that’s just the problem haha.

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I prefer a revolver over a semi-automatic.I’ll also take a carbuerator over fuel injection anyday and skirts over pants anyday.Really;)

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Just an fyi: Liquid soap is not more sanitary than bar soap. Liquid soap can grow mold in the container from moisture buildup. Bar soap doesn’t have that issue.

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Sometimes I prefer listening to a vinyl record rather than a Compact Disc.

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I still use the Sears catalog rather than T.P. However I have succumbed to indoor plumbing.

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I don’t text.
I don’t leave messages on an answering machine.
I have an answering thingy on my home land line phone but I hate it.
My cell, phone is 12 years old, and I don’t plan on getting a new one til this (original) battery won’t charge any more.
I use a VCR if I want to tape something. What is a DVR?
I write my self notes on paper, not some electronic gadget.
I use a fold up paper map, not GPS
I never use the self-checkout thing at the store.
I still write checks to pay bills.

I guess I sound really old don’t I?

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I prefer cinnimon toothpaste over mint. (the original colgate)

I preferblue pens over pencils and anny other type of pen.

Disposible razors over the good ones.

And so many more

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I still write letters and mail them. Call me old fashioned.

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Not using a calculator in Math. But my teacher forces us to use them to make graphs and shit even though its much easier for me to do it on paper and understand it better.

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The “old ways” I hang on to are preferable in my opinion to the modern alternatives.

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allowing my family and friends to dictate my happiness rather than creating and sustaining my own, I can’t help it though

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