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If you're from Hawaii, how was the tsunami? How much damage did it cause?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) February 27th, 2010

An 8.8 earthquake struck just off the coast of Chile this morning, and a tsunami is due to strike Hawaii very soon.

By the time Hawaiians get back on Fluther, I hope they get to tell us here how it went, and if everything they hold dear is alright.

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It hasn’t struck yet.

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My spouse is on a flight to Hawaii. He says if it happens it will hit about 1:00pm California time. He will be landing right afterit is due to hit.

Stay safe @hawaii_jake.

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Yes, good luck @hawaii_jake !

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@Dog They’re still flying to HI? Or is he flying to someplace that isn’t going to be affected?

My brother and sister-in-law are in HI and are staying with some friends who live higher up in the mountains. We’re holding our breath.

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The only airport closed in the Islands is the one here in Hilo, because it is close to the shore. All the others are well inland.

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As @hawaii_jake says- commercial flights are still flying to and from. Hawaii is his destination. Guess he won’t be going surfing this afternoon.

I am just hoping it dissipates before it reaches the islands.

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Wow, I’m surprised. I guess if it’s far enough inland… he’s braver than I!

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@jaytkay Only the front page is up. (Don’t know why.) The article subpages aren’t.

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OK, the front page is down. They’re prolly all dead now.

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@jaytkay – I’ve been watching a live feed for the past half hour and nothing much has happened. I’ve seen a few people walk around, so I’m pretty sure everything is fine.

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@jaytkay: the website is probably down because so many people are trying to access it to find out what happened.

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this may be a better site for following along:

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It’s all been very exciting here. We watched a camera that was right at the bay here in Hilo, and there was some interesting current activity that we don’t get to see at other times.

Thankfully, there has not been the devastation we experienced here in 1960 and 1964 when scores of people were killed. Then there was the 1946 tsunami during which one entire section of town was washed out to sea.

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Thanks for the updates.. I’m beginning to understand the concept of crowd-sourcing more!

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Nothing happening here in Oahu except some idiots going surfing at Waikiki. Tides lowering though.

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I am sorely offended. Chile had the earthquake and no one acknowleged them. How dare you have freedom of speech and thought! This is inequality! This is a travesty of justice! You are trying to keep the Hispanic man down!

(just thought I’d fill in for the PC crowd until they could get here. Ride the wave, Jake!)

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According to the news reports, it was a complete dud.

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I wouldn’t call it a dud. I would think the people in Hawaii are breathing a deep sigh of relief at having dodged a very huge bullet.

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It was awesome! No damage! Nobody hurt! YAY!

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I watched’s live feed of the Hawaiian affiliate news stations, waiting for that big wave to come flood the coast.

I fell asleep doing so. :-/

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Yeah just to confirm nothing happened down here. It was like maybe a three foot surge. That’s it.

Good thing.

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Yay Hawaii!!!

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My in-laws said there were some “funny looking waves.” I want to see photos of them to see what they mean.

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