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Why do I blackout when I stand up?

Asked by Vunessuh (16704points) February 27th, 2010

I don’t mean blackout as in pass out, but sometimes when I stand up from lying down, I get really dizzy and my vision goes black. It passes 8–10 seconds later and I continue on my merry way, but this has been happening to me at least 1–2 times a day. I have a feeling it has to do with blood circulation and/or blood pressure. I am hypoglycemic, but keep myself hydrated and well fed to manage it. I want to know if this is something more medical or if it happens among many other people. Is it your body trying to adjust from lying horizontally to suddenly standing vertically?

What the hell, man?

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You do know that the answer to this is talk to your doctor, don’t you? It does sound like it could be related to a drop in blood pressure but it is not normal.. I had some dizziness for a while when shifting position a few monhs ago but that was related to ear problems. There is also a piece in this week’s New York Times Magazine about a woman who fainted every day. It was discovered that her problem was related to narcolepsy. You really need to see your internist.

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This is because your blood rushes to your head. It’s completely normal, and I’m pretty sure this is happening because you’re getting up too quickly. This happens to me too. Except, I’m not so sure about the “my vision goes black” part. That doesn’t happen to me. I’m thinking it may be because you’re getting up too quickly, but maybe it’s a blood circulation thing. Hmmm

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@janbb You do know that the answer to this is talk to your doctor, don’t you?
Yes, I do.
But I decided to grab my magnifying glass, put on my trench coat and become Sherlock Holmes for a moment. Thanks for your input.

@mollypop51797 That’s what I was thinking as well – that I was getting up too fast. It has just been happening more often than usual so I suspect it could be something else. Thanks for your input as well.

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I would go to the doctore immediately. This sounds like it could be a neurological condition that needs attention. The symptom sounds like something associated with a tumor.

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@Vunessuh Didn’t mean to sound snarky. I know we all do use this site at times for amateur medical sleuthing.

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Go to the doctor before I KYA.Next time I phone you I will yell at you! Start screening now—picks up phone—I am now on the phone to yell at you! !@##$$##@@

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Orthostatic hypotension?

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@Vunessuh Check out sibling questions over here. >>>>

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@Vunessuh – I am on the phone with you right now,why are you typing?

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@MorenoMelissa1 I have a neurologist. Sounds like I should make an appointment. Thank you.
@janbb You didn’t sound snarky. I appreciate your input. :)
@lucillelucillelucille lawls. Indeed, you are bitching at me over the phone. Relax, banana.
@dpworkin I don’t know what that is, but I will look it up. Thanks.

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orthostatic hypotension is one possibility. Blood sugar could be to blame. It would be hard to guess. Please see your doctor.

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Lots of hookers have this problem. Too much sperm in the tummy. Refrain from swallowing unless they pay extra for it. You can still gargle to show off if you wish.

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@phillis Well, the only client I have is your husband so I guess I blame him.

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Remember that magnifying glass you talked about earlier in the thread? Don’t lose it.

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@phillis Aw, I’m sorry. It must not get big for you like it does for me.

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He just takes what he can get. in your case, he needs repelling equipment and a ball of twine for the cavernous descent.

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@phillis “repelling equipment”? Freudian slip?

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@janbb multi-layered answers are amusing. It keeps the weed smokers calm until their suppliers get back.

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Yup, still waiting for mine.

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I knew it!!

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I have the exact same problem. Well, I don’t call it blacking out. I actually white out… everything turns white and sometimes I hear a ringing in my ears. It only happens when I have been laying down, or kneeling or something like that and I get up quickly. I thought it might be low blood pressure, since my mom has it too. But the reasons may be different for everyone. You say you stay hydrated through out the day? How much water are you drinking, exactly? Oh, and how bout your sleep and eating habits? That counts too!

By the way, it basically happens when you stand up and the blood rushes out of the head too quickly for the body to push blood into the brain. So… more blood is coming out then going in… for a little while. It can be dangerous if you faint and hit your head though.

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I have phases of getting this a lot, and also a feeling like you are detached from your body kind of… like in a dream or something, so do a few other people I know. Often, (but not always) I get it when I’m scared or anxious, and also, a doctor person told my mum she was getting the blackout type thing due to there just not being enough blood in her head. (Not dangerously) I think it is supposed to help if your go in the same position as you’re meant to for shock, on your back with your feet elevated a bit… if the blood thing is the cause

ps. it might be too much blood, i can’t remember which way round it is =)

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I have this problem when I take blood pressure medication.

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A lot of women do this because of low blood pressure. But, I also know that it can be caused by brain/heart message processing speed. Mention a table test to your doctor.

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@Glow Thanks for your response. I do get enough sleep and I eat as healthy as possible. The only problem is that I don’t drink a lot of water. Barely any to be honest. I do however drink a lot of Gatorade and juice. Not much soda. I wonder if not drinking enough water could be the problem.
@fathippo I have issues with anxiety, but I’m not sure this is related to the blackouts. I keep thinking it’s just because I stand up too quickly and my blood isn’t reaching my brain quick enough to adjust. If that’s all it was, I wouldn’t be worried, but my eye sight literally goes away when this happens so it just doesn’t seem right. It’s more than just getting dizzy. Not to mention it happens almost everyday.
@FutureMemory Perhaps I should get my blood pressure checked out.
@thriftymaid Thanks. I will. :)

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Wait….Gatorade is REALLY high in sugars. And you eat sweets, right? When’s the last time you had your finger pricked for a simple diabetes check, V?

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@phillis I don’t eat sweets often, no. I just drink a lot of juice and Gatorade. I’ve never had my finger pricked.

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@Vunessuh – Not enough water can definitely be a factor. Try increasing your daily intake (maybe get up to 6–8 cups a day). See if that changes anything. Water helps blood circulate through the body. Maybe replace gatorade with water. But I really think you should try more water first, see if that changes anything, and if not, then see a doctor.

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Nice to know there’s still a pristine area :)

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@Glow Thanks. I will start drinking more water. I will try and make an appointment for both my general doctor and my neurologist next week. It’s just discouraging because back in September I paid a lot of money to have some tests run and I can’t afford it again. I’ll see how I feel within the next couple of days by increasing my water intake.
@phillis Phuck off.

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…Why do I blackout when I stand up?
Because you weigh 350 lbs.

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@boffin Too bad that 350 lbs isn’t a pearl. You could cash it in for brains and almost buy enough to seem normal. Vanessa’s a model, ya goof.

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Low blood pressure.

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Your blood pressure probably dropped. It’s happened to me, a few times. Once I actually did fall. I tried to catch myself, and I twisted my ankle. I ended up tearing the ligaments and it’s still not fully healed. Good times.

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That’s a drop in blood pressure for sure. I have adrenal insufficiency and this happens to me when I’m not getting enough medicine or just feeling out of sorts.

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@PacificRimjob @LunaChick @essieness Thanks you three. I’m hoping that’s all it is. I appreciate it.

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CIRCULATION!!! i had the same problem for a while. it hasn’t happened to me while i’ve been physically fit, but when i became lethargic and gained some pounds and my circulation dropped, it started to happen. so a few simple exercises to increase your circulation and watch it go away in a week!

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this happens to me to. when i lay down for so long and i stand up my vision goes black and i have to try to find something to hold onto or just sit down. the only difference is when it happens to me i start to shake…my doctor just told me i have to be careful as to how i have my neck when i lay down.

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May be orthostatic hypotension, as suggersted, or it my be neurological. Go to a clinic that specializes in syncope, or has a syncope expert. If it is a cardiology issue, it is diagnosed using a tilt table. If not cardiology, then it may be a neurological issue, and you should seek out an neurologist that treats syncope.

Make sure you get someone that is experienced with syncope.

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I know exactly how you feel. The exact same thing happens to me, and I honestly don’t know why. I asked my friends, it happens to them too, so I usually shrug it off. But my ‘blackout’ so to say, lasted a bit longer this morning (they only happen in the mornings when I get out of bed) and I got worried.

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