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Help getting a gameboy emulator to work?

Asked by XOIIO (18259points) February 27th, 2010

I got the bottom star fox game from this site, and the gameboy emulator which I remember was the same as the one my friend gave me from here. How can I use the gameboy emulator to play this star fox game, I havent got a clue. It’s soooooo much fun, I would greatly appreciate any help- that can be provided to get this working. All I remember is that he had all the files in one folder, and could open the game from the gameboy emulator.

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You’ll be hard pressed to get any iteration of Star Fox running on a Gameboy emulator, as it was never released for that platform.

I’d suggest you either have a SNES ROM dump of the original Star Fox game, or an n64 ROM dump of Star Fox 64 (AKA Lylat Wars).

I can’t help you to get the ROM working until you can establish exactly what system the ROM was intended for. It would also probably be a good idea to confirm that you actually own the original game – we wouldn’t want you pirating anything now, would we? ;)

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Turns out it is a SNES emulator, it said right above it. I got one here and its the same one I had!Now I can play star fox!

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