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What is that noise? (form the taffic light)

Asked by simone54 (7616points) February 28th, 2010

My house is right near the corner of a big busy street with a traffic light. Every so often I hear this noise. It sounds the same the buttons on a touch tone phone. It’s will be three quick beeps followed but three long beeps? What is that about?

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Possibly for blind people to warn them of the light status changes. We have something similar here, quick beeps when it about to go red, slow when it turns green.

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What Darkscribe said.

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No. It’s not that. It doesn’t do it every time it changes. We have have some in the town the make the “bird sounding” noises to say when it is time to cross but it’s no the case here.

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I was almost felt compelled to ask “why are blind people driving!?” @DarkScribe

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Next time you hear these beeps, notice what time it is. some traffic signal boxes contain mini computers that change the timing cycle on the traffic lights, at a given hour, like rush hour. this could also be a signal for people who are blind to let them know when and when not to cross the street. pay attention to the light and notice when happens when you hear the beeps. this will give you a clue.

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