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How do I install Windows 7 HP Upgrade via download?

Asked by derektherock42 (191points) February 28th, 2010

I’m trying to upgrade from the RC. I’ve downloaded the three files, which are the .exe for installing it, “” and “”. When I try to run the .exe, it pops up a message saying,

“The application cannot find one of its required files, possibly because it was unable to create it in the folder. Please make sure that the folder in which this application was downloaded is accessible and not read-only.”

I made sure it was read-only, but it still doesn’t work. I need this done soon, because the RC expires tomorrow.

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Burn an iso image to disk and boot with it.

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@dpworkin I don’t have an ISO for Windows 7; I just have the three files mentioned above. I don’t want to pirate it either.

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Get it from HP. They owe it to you.

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Are all three files in the same folder?
And right-click the EXE and choose ‘Run as administrator’ (dunno if that’s the problem, but it won’t hurt)

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After Googling a bit…

Here’s a forum post, same question, which says “It’s possible that those files may be corrupted. I suggest that you download a fresh copy of the files from the Digital River website. Download the files to the Desktop.”

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Even when I go to Properties > Unblock > Apply, and use “Run as administrator”, it doesn’t work.

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