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Things to do at a play date?

Asked by chiplmprincessa (70points) March 2nd, 2010

My friend, Hannah, is coming over on Saturday and we have been texting each other trying to find out what to do! All we have so far is make a video of us doing a dance routine and then put it on youtube. After that we have nothing to do. We can’t get in the car and go any where so we just want to know a few things that we can do at home. We are both about the same age. I am 13 she is about to be 13 so we don’t want draw pictures or anything like that. And nothing terrible or gross! Ok thanks so much!

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Make ice cream sundays.

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Braid each others’ hair.

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Can you get to a Walmart? My twins are 13, and they went with their friends to a Walmart and did the “Things to do at Walmart” list that’s on the web. Well, not the whole list, because some of it isn’t very nice.

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Play video games.

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Do makeovers on each other :)

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Go to a museum? Maybe an art museum? A museum of natural history? Or maybe roam the streets causing mischief. Start up a roving band of 13-year-olds Mad Max style.

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Try something new! Pick a homemade candy or dessert neither of you has made and give it a shot. Try a new craft, like knitting. This henna tattoo kit looks like fun, just ask your parents first! Stock up on magazines, get some music ready, and just hang out. Maybe watch an old movie while you eat some homemade snacks. Write and illustrate a story together, or make up your own commercials to record and post on youtube. I have a VHS tape (that will tell you how old I am) of my friends and I making up commercials for embarrassing feminine hygiene products. It’s hysterical to watch, but I am so thankful there was no youtube when I was a kid.

When I was 13, my friends and I would call boys and hang up on them, but caller ID has ruined that fascinating hobby. So sad.

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I just want to know how you can stand still having “play dates” at 13. I’m 13 and I hate it when my mom says stuff like “No, we can’t get together today, but we can have a play date next week.” Ugg!

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Letsee, watch some of your favorite shows on the web, or play something co-op on a game console of your choosing. Bake cookies! I love baking with my friends. The recipes always end up so yummy.

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You could go through some recipe books probably best to do this in advance, choose a cuisine you enjoy e.g. Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Mexican etc etc, and select some recipes to create an entire meal entrees, main course, desert, beverages, cook a wonderful meal for your family and then sit back and enjoy the praises they heap upon you :) of course, if you don’t enjoy cooking this might not be an activity that inspires you, alternatively you might discover talents you never knew you possessed…

Variation: you could just make desert items ever heard of Death by Chocolate? or afternoon tea items…

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Take a digital camera (two if possible) and go discover things of beauty right in your neighbourhood. Look for things you pass every day without really “seeing” them.

Then go back home and compare your discoveries and make a photo album.

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@Dr_Lawrence I really like that idea! I might try that one of these days.

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Im going over my friends house tomarrow and while the are eating they’reafter school snaks we are going to sneak into theyre rooms and write there crushes or every thing we see!

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