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Would anyone know why streaming audio/video freezes on the computer?

Asked by 12_func_multi_tool (803points) March 3rd, 2010

I have no problem with streaming audio like YouTube or on-line radio buffering. However on some sites the computer will freeze for minutes or permanently when playing back a video w/ audio. I delete my browsing history but that doesn’t work. Could you tell is this a question of upgrading the computer or software or software fix?

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It would help if you told us if you’re on a Mac or a PC and what browser you are running. If it’s a Mac you could run Activity Monitor to see what application is causing the freezes.

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Mine does this, too. I think it’s just not fast enough or has enough memory to play it smoothly. It has to stop & catch up.

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I think it’s the limitations of my internet connection. I avoid the frustration by staying away from web videos.

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Some of the factors include:
Website Traffic – when the site is inundated with clients/visitors greater than it can handle, your request for the info times out and therefore hangs.

Broadband connection – when using cable modem, there are peak times when broadband service is cut lean among users within your area.

Hardware Limitations

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Hi, it always happens on certain sites usually in a news clip or interview I’m running Windows Vista with barely enough RAM to do the job, w/ I think a decent processor. If you want to see what I mean this is a typical example, it’s the interviews left of center on the top:
If aloud, i’d really like to know how to say a link is ‘hear’ and not this entire list. If not I’ll find it somewhere.

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Have you tried checking out their Video Help page?

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No, I will thanks a lot.

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