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Do your local newspeople ever shock you with their moronic statements?

Asked by jealoustome (1514points) March 3rd, 2010

Today on the local news, the weatherperson said, in all seriousness, “It’s cold standing under the trees, in the shade, but if you’d like to feel how warm it is move out into the sun.” I often hear comments from the local newscasters that cause an extended eye-roll on my part. Do you experience the same thing? Care to share any examples?

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I have to say the most irritating thing about weather reports are the constant repetitions of the word “hotting” up. It’s not even a word! Garghhh…!! You never hear people say it’s colding down do ya? Bloody hell it makes me pissed off.

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Never. They’re usually formal and straight to the point. I’ve never seen newscaster with such humor. The one you described is so lame. Although I would appreciate some interesting statement out of topic. I would like to see fight between two newscaster/reporter for telling the same news.

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I wish our Media were so fun and “lame”. Most of our stories are tragic. I live in South Africa. Our weather reporters never say hotting up! They are far too correct I think!

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I routinely cringe when I hear the local newcasters attempt to report on a subject, of which they have minimal knowledge. My favorite recent story was when the woman reported that the ”... Cessna Cherokee,” had landed in a field. I know they have editors with resources to correct and verify what they are saying. I wish they would use those resources.

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While not local news, CNN’s Rick Sanchez didn’t do too well in covering the recent tsunami warning for Hawaii caused by the Chilean earthquake, as seen in videoes
1 and 2

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Yeah Rick Sanchez cracked me up…....what is 9 meters in english…

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Haha! Ours can get quite vulgar on the air!

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@ekans Wow. That Rick Sanchez clip was just like watching the local news. “This is Hawaii?” :)

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I am not shocked at all, it is so common place I hardly even notice. What I hate is hearing inaccurate comments on the documentary/educational programs.

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Maybe we’re just lucky here in Boston, but the local newscasters and weather people are generally quite knowledgeable. Of course watching Fox news is about like listening to an alternative universe copy of Pravda, but the National News people in general and particular CNN and HN often say things that make them appear brain dead. I guess they are chosen on looks alone.

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