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How did Americans pay taxes before 1922?

Asked by mciaglia (7points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

how did we pay taxes before the IRS and federal reserve bank were created?

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it was originally handled by IT officers that were part of sanctioned local government.

It was not heavily enforced and, even in large towns, there were only a handful of IT officers on staff.

Often times IT would be handled by “Land Revenue Officers”

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Daniel Riser

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The IRS Incorporated was set up in 1911, or about that time. It taxed companies that showed income and/or profit. There never was a tax on working people and there still isn’t if You do not have a profit

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so a salary is considered a profit?

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Looks like someone was absent that day in Civics and/or American History.

Thank the maker we have

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A salary is a set amount given wether you do anything or not so is considered an income /profit. The “wage” that is talked about by the IRS is the salary. Compinsation is equal time/ work for equal pay and is NOT taxable income/profit.

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