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How many people would be screwed if someone else picked up your cell phone/PDA?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11439points) March 4th, 2010

PDA= Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Droid, all those.

Pretend you left your phone in the store and the data on your phone is compromised. Do you have email there? Work mail? Do you have sensitive family, personal, work data on there?

Is your importance to the world relative to how many people would be screwed if you lost your phone?

And don’t say the only one screwed is the guy who stole it.

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Just me,,, the other person would be creamed after I tracked the person down with the GPS feature for taking it and not turning it in, or the person can look-up my contact info to get the PDA returned.

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I’m pretty much glued to my phone, so yes.

I would first go into a mental breakdown, cry hysterically, curl up into a ball in bed and suck my thumb…

Then eventually get a new phone and hopefully add all 200 of my people on my phone’s contact list >.>

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Zero. I am so safe that it embarreses me! I have about 6 contacts and 5 of those are family. The other one is my ex employer. I will remove that one soon.

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411 might get a little annoyed…

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I think if I lost my phone it would cause a cascading effect that could potentially wreck over 200 people. It’s work stuff so the capacity of a breech like that could possibly cost people a lot of money.

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I hate my phone,They would be more screwed for it would test their patience.

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@Captain_Fantasy you should used the Security feature of your PDA to keep unauthorized people out of the data

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When a woman with a rifle says I’d be screwed for stealing her phone, I’m inclined to take her seriously.

My phone is password protected and encrypted by the IT staff so it’d take some work getting into it. Once work knows my phone is gone, hopefully they’ll be able to wipe the data remotely before someone got in. BTW that’s not me issuing any sort of challenge. :P

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Worst case scenario: vague acquaintances and grandparents being bombarded with prank calls, or someone discovering I never set up my voice mailbox.

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@Captain_Fantasy -Mine needs to be tossed into the air and shot.I really dislike cell phones and the tether-like,tracking device feel to them.

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Yeah I’d like to toss mine off a bridge put im sort of paid to keep it.
And my friends would be pissed if I just stopped calling.

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No one would be screwed. I hope that if I lost it, someone would quickly find the speed-dial button that says Home and push it to get my land line. If someone stole it, the main thing I’d be sad to lose is a cute picture of my husband; everything else is replaceable.

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It wouldn’t be a disaster, I’m not that important and don’t do very important, or at I least I don’t conduct confidential or propriety business on my cell phone. I actually don’t conduct confidential or propriety business at all. The biggest hassle would be having to reload all my contact information, and some phone numbers I only have on my cell. Note to self: make hard copy list of all numbers on cell phone.

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I have a code lock on my phone so nobody but me gets screwed. After ten attempts to unlock my phone with the wrong code it wipes it out.
I go get a new phone and then plug it into my computer where all of my information is backed up.

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@judochop Same here, love it.

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No biggie.

I log onto MobileMe and remotely wipe the phone.

All my data is backed up on my computer, so it’d be a simple matter of buying another phone and synching it.

of course the expense of buying a new iPhone would suck a little

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I won’t. I like backup approaches.

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The only data I have on my phone is other people’s phone numbers and they’re all friends/family. I don’t use my phone for business at all, nor do I have any business contacts on it, and it doesn’t receive email.

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Not me. But they sure would be.

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If I become separated from my iPhone I can lock it then locate it from any PC.

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If I lost the Droid I have now, I’d be sad because it’s a nice phone and I have some pictures on there from good times that I wouldn’t want to lose, but all in all there’s nothing that would ruin my life.

I have, however, lost previous phones and I had one stolen. That upset me because I’m pretty sure there were naked pictures on it and for a while I worried that somehow I would see myself floating around the interweb or being blackmailed with them lol. But it never happened, thank you thieves!

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Since I don’t have e-mail set up on my cell phone then I’m not much worried. In fact, I recently edited most of the contacts on my phone to show only first names and several of them are nicknames known only to other friends or my family.

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