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Is this site better than or

Asked by GlennIsaac (4points) March 5th, 2008
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I don’t know if it’s better, but I like it more because it seems more personal.

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Well, in a way. This is a place to discuss and debate. Google-able questions or things wikipedia can answer are not welcome. Nor is Fluther a magic eight ball….

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Yes, I believe it is. Fluther offers real-time answers, filtered questions based on your profile, and a great community.

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I Believe this site is better than both

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Do they have jellyfish?

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yes because i am here. without me this place would not be as fun. he he….

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I’ve never liked Yahoo Answers, I am a member of Askville – it’s changed, big time. I’m still getting used to Fluther, but it has some wonderful things that the other two don’t offer.

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I am one of the Askville 16. It was great when I first joined, but now….well, if you like cut and paste answers, and mTurk generated questions like “how much will my neighbor bleed if i stab him with robert the doll”, then askville is the place for you. This site ismuch bettermoderated, with a lot more adults that actually act like adults. The live chat is hard to keep up in, though!

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lol…Eureka! C’mon, you know you just loved those inane questions! (I’m a supporter of the 16!)

I am definitely happy here! I do like the moderators, something I wasn’t sure the I would like.

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