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Would you rather marry a compatible promising person or your best girl/guy friend?

Asked by audiomind5 (30points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

would rather have someone that you know well and can trust or someone that you don’t know as well as your best friend?

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No. My choice would come more from connection, clarity, commitment, and love, rather than knowledge.

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What if they’re the same thing?

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My best girl friend because she would be compatible already and she’s already cute!

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My best guy is a compatible promising person. That’s why he is my best guy!

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my best guy sincecbeing my best anything is a choice already. You pick and choose friends at least I do and few make it

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I would think that they are your best friend because they are compatible with you.

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I wouldn’t marry either. I don’t believe in marriage.

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Compatable. Best friends come and go. Truly compatable should be a lot stronger.

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Compatible! Then as time passes they do become your best friend

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i’d be open to getting to know a compatible person better. But I wouldn’t just marry someone because they are compatible. Seems kinda silly to me. My spouse would be compatible and my best friend. Seems like a no-brainer.

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Compatible. because if your relationship with your friend was good then maybe you dont want to ruin that with a closer relationship but then again if you were a girl with a best guy friend your compatible guy might be jealous or vise versa.

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