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Should I put my Xbox in the DMZ, or entirely behind the firewall, or does it make no difference at all?

Asked by HungryGuy (16044points) March 6th, 2010

If you’re a networking wonk, you’ll know what I mean…

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I DMZ my Xbox to connect to my friends, although from what I hear, it’s not exactly a good thing to do. It’s the only solution that I’m smart enough to figure out. I tried port forwarding but had no idea what I was doing. Then again, I’m not a network guru or anything…

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DMZ + XBOX = a bad thing since its microsoft and open to attacks .

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@sandystrachan – That’s what I was suspecting, too. Are there really Xbox viruses out there? And even if there are, what can an Xbox virus really accomplish…steal my high scores in GTA?

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Well if you use the xbox for online shopping or whatever or even have some account for the store , i guess it could steal your details just think of it as your pc without anti-virus would you trust it . ?

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I don’t use my Xbox for online shopping, I just use it to play games. I haven’t really considered all the issues yet, that’s why I asked the question :-) But you’re right, I’ll probably put my Xbox completely inside the firewall and use port-forwarding.,,

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