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Why are Xbox-Live users so Anti-Semitic?

Asked by Arp (3516points) January 31st, 2010

I had some friends on Xbox-Live that I have had for more than a year (I never met them in real-life). We were chilling out and playing some Halo, when we started a mini, racial discussion. 2 of the people in the group said they had mostly English blood, and one said they were Italian. They asked what I was, and I told them I am Jewish. I was instantly booted from the room, and without saying anything, all three of them blocked me from their friends lists.

In another incident, I was playing Left 4 Dead when a similar discussion came up. I told them, and one said “Die in a fire, Jew”, made a few racist jokes, voted to ban me, and I was gone.

Many events like this have been happening recently, even on more kid friendly games like “Uno”! What I want to know is, why do Xbox-Live users hate Jewish people so much? I was probably the most polite of the people there, and still people judge me from my bloodline (I tried explaining that Jewish can be both a race OR a religion, as I am Christan in faith, but that didn’t make any difference). What can I do to stop this?! Thanks, sorry for the more serious note, I just thought it had to be discussed…

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It’s the immaturity of the players. Most of those who persecute you like this think that the definition of Jewish is “Middle-Easterner who Jihad’s and isn’t a Christian like the rest of us.”

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I don’t think it’s fair to say Xbox live users are antisemetic. But I do think it’s fair to say that people tend to feel more free to act like an asshat when they’re not face-to-face with someone.
Not that you should hide being Jewish, but why does it need to come up at all?

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It’s for the fun of it. It gives people a thrill to make fun of somebody and boot them and not get in trouble. If you don’t want to risk the chance of being booted. Don’t use a mic.

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Good point, but that takes out some of the “Online” experience, you know?

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Really? How hideous.

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True, I only use my mic if I’m in a party with people I personally know, or I have friends over and we both have mics. I’m not a talker, so it doesn’t bother me not being able to talk to people. I would never fuss at someone because of their race or religion. I would most likely just fuss at them for beating me or if I pwn them.

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How about just not discussing race with when you’re in the year 2553 slicing up 12-year-olds with energy swords?

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I think the reason is there are many more anti-semitic people out there than are willing to admit. It’s like internet tough guys, these people on Xbox Live can say whatever they want without fear of anything happening to them. I haven’t personally heard anyone ever talk bad about Jews on Xbox Live, but I hear a ton of racism.

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Really? I thought they were all just Homophobic. Especially the Left 4 Dead, MW2 and Halo people.FAG!FAG!FAG!FAG!FAG!FAG!FAG!

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@Bugabear Of course, they have much stronger language than fag.

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I am still blown away that people actually care if other people are Jewish? I mean, really, what does it matter? Maybe I am just naive but it absolutely blows my mind that people care so deeply and dislike others so strongly over something as silly as this.

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Stick to people that you can trust.

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People love to hate anonymously, but it’s not just Jews. I’m pretty sure it would’ve been the same if you told them you were a ginger.

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Ehh, I wouldn’t say it’s limited to X-box users. The people who do that are stupid and immature. @JONESGH made a good point.

Maybe you should buy a PS3, get Call of Duty and play against or with me. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Jewish, just about how good you are, ha ha ha.

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Yeah, also a ton a of homophobia amongst the crappy 13-year-old set on live. This is why have a zero tolerance policy for that crap on here.

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I thought Jewish was a religion, and israel was the place their from? confused
But people I know that play X-Box are really..uhm… Jerkish? Douchebaggy? and mean in general.

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@RAWRxRandy Judaism is a religion, with very strong personal ties. There are many people who don’t necessarily practice the religious part of Judiasm, but are very much considered Jewish. Do a little research on Israel- Jews are not necessarily from there but it is considered the homeland. Jews are from all over, many are from Eastern Europe.

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@Likeradar got it right! There are even special “Birthright” trips that people of Jewish blood can go on, and be taken to Israel for free. I might be going on one soon :)

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@me I meant cultural ties, not personal ties. Oy gavult.

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Just came across this thread. How horrific that these people are so openly anti-semitic. I have to say that I don’t know anyone who is Jewish who would say they are Jewish if they practice Christianity unless they are Jews for Jesus maybe. The sentence might go, “I am Christian, but my family is Jewish, or people in my family are Jewish.” It just makes no sense to me, not that I think it is not ok, I think each person gets to identify themselves as they please, it is just unusual to me. To contradict myself my FIL was raised Jewish, “practices” Catholicism, but if you ask him he would say he is Catholic, but he never really got rid of the Jewish in a way, and he knows any antisemite would perceive him as a Jew no matter what he practices. Born a Jew, hateful people will see you as Jewish.

There are plenty of Jews like myself, who call themselves Jewish, but are not religious and/or are atheist. I don’t think of it as my race, although some argue it is a race, I think of it as my ethnic background. My husband is Sephardic and I am Ashkenazi, I feel like we are different races. Not that it matters.

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@JLeslie awesome response.

i am not Jewish but 90% of my friends are and i live in a majority Jewish community. i came across this thread because i too was curious as to why there is so much anti-semitism on Xbox Live.

There is a lot of confusion about what it means to be Jewish. If your mother is Jewish, you’re automatically Jewish. If you convert away from Judaism, you technically are still Jewish. However, it would be strange to refer to yourself as Jewish.

If you believe in Jesus and are Jewish, then you are actually a Jew for Jesus, which is actually a Christian

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@Arseman03 I think technically if you convert away from Judaism you are not a Jew. Not sure.

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