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What happened to Cerescape?

Asked by methymudkip (44points) March 7th, 2010

Probably seriously old news now, sorry.

Just checked that site for the first time in ages, it’s not even there anymore. What happened to the site & the people? Some of the guys hang out here?

I was g_t or sneasel, can’t remember which one I last used.

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What was it even?

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It was like this but not as good! Members tended to get tangled up with personal issues, and people were always being banned. I think it ended with a few hardcore users, then the owner probably decided to give it up as a bad job.

Strangely it still has a member group on Facebook ( but the website indicated doesn’t seem to work.

(I always found WhQuestion the best Q&A site – let’s hope this one is as good!) :-)

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Hey man! Don’t know if you remember me or not but we used to talk a bit back on CS and BF. I was also a moderator on CS (My name back there was WhatEvilLurks) and I’m still friends with John (Gossy) who created the sites back when KnowPost went down… I see him at least every couple of months and talk to him online a lot.

Basically, people got bored of CS, myself and Gossy included.

A couple of other question sites went down, particularly one which was centred around teens and chatting, more than actual meaningful discussion and exchange of information, and we were inundated with inane crap. That drove off a lot of people, some others got busy with life and work (Gossy included), the quality of content went right down, and really John was just fed up of paying the hosting costs so he axed it.

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Are there any more Cerescape members on here? I used to be a member there as well, and wondered what happened to it. I Googled and this site was the first in the list of information… This is how I happened here.

WhatEvilLurks and Jacey, I do remember you two. ;-)

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DrasticDreamer was on CS (albeit sporadically), but I think she’s the only other one I know of.

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