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What do you do to relieve stress?

Asked by Kay (1613points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there anything in particular (something that’s not been mentioned a thousand times before) that you find that’s effective for stress relief? I live in a stressful environment that I’m not going to be able to move out of until the summer & need some creative ideas. I exercise and try to do breathing exercises and use lavender but it still doesn’t help sometimes. Any new ideas?

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I usually grab a blanket and go to the river and read for a few hours. Luckily I only live about a five minutes away from the river if I travel on my bike.

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I personally walk it off (must be alone), or sleep it off.

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marijuana+hot bath=major stress reliever.

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I like to listen to music

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drink wine LOL no really it helps

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and if I have a lot of stress I like to go to somewhere nice (personally I like to go snowboarding in the winter)

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Rub one out

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There is a natural supplement called “Serene Calm.” It’s remarkable and a marijuana substitute.

It isn’t cheap but it’s definitely worth it, take it with another supplement called “Lumina.” Your stress will disappear and your clarity of thought will sky rocket.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

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sorry riser theres no such thing as a marijuana substitute nothing is as good as the real thing, sorry.

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Serene Calm is a remarkable supplement.

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Another problem with my location is that I live near a high-crime metropolitan area, so going out walking by myself in a lot of places (esp after dark) tends to increase stress, lol. Also any nice natural place to hang out at requires driving there, which isn’t always doable. Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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i know something else that is a amazingly remarkable supplement too, i think its called marijuana….

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Have you taken Serene Calm? Because I’ve smoked marijuana – it does not alleviate my stress, so I was offering alternate suggestions.

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Do you have an exciting multilevel marketing opportunity to tell us about? j/k

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touche’ good PupnTaco. Touche’ :D

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PupnTaco you win one free interwebs very funny.

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lolz PupnTaco, lolz…. =]

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Snogging! But my boyfriend is on vacation in Mexico right now, so i’m one stressed out girl.

I also take care of my herps, paint, cook, and sleep.

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hey riser, I just googles serene calm and it looks like its pet supplement. Can u post a link for humans?

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“Serene Calm” is the name of the supplement by the supplier “Nutrition Plus” but the above from metagenics is the same product.

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cool thanks I’m going to check it out. My work is so insane, at the end of the week I want to rip my hair out

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Eat wheatgrass. Brocolli, bananas, blue berries. Orange juice. Cranberry juice.
Echinacea, ginko biloaba root, st. John’s wort, chocolate.
frequently have sex.
all else fails… Ativan.

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yell at my shrink. who proceeds to tell me i am difficult, argumentative and have a bad attitude. and then i say see, i feel SO much better! works every time.

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- Creativity/Art
– Talk to a close friend about your stress.
– Long walk with some good music.
– Petting a pet.
– Masturbation?
– Heavy exercise.
– Super duper hot bath (bring ice water to drink).

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i always play my guitar really hard and ridiculously which then turns into some of the best playing i’ve ever played.

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Sailing and surfing.

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massage your earlobes. Seriously, there’s a pressure point there.

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Batman has a point, there…

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or at least spell it right

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