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Whats wrong with Intel lately?

Asked by iceblu (919points) March 5th, 2008

I work at a computer store and i deal with alot of new PC’s and parts. Well for the last 4 to 6 weeks, just about every Intel machine I let leave the store, comes back within 2 weeks or more with a problem that shouldn’t be happening on something brand new. And its completely stupid stuff, like HD audio drivers dropping out, or the RAM timings are off, or here we go, how about the RAID that always breaks. So whats going on Intel?

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Are theses computers manufactured by Intel ?!
I don’t see a direct link between HD audio drivers dropping out and or ram timings and the Intel CPU to be honest.

It’s possible that wrong instruction sets or corrupted data from processor can make the os unstable but causing such hardware trouble, it’s really weird.

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no, i built them at my job, we use the standards, asus mobo’s crucial RAM (except intel IX38’s, they need Adata RAM…)WD HDD’s ect. I honesly do like intel when they work, but its the IX38 chipsets and the motherboards that are the problem mostly. i mean they work, but they are not %100, and thats not acceptable. Where as with AMD, i haven’t had a single problem with chipsets being incompatible or glichy at all.

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Is the connection Intel motherboard chipsets? Maybe they have a problem with their chipsets and/or drivers. Maybe you guys got a bad batch or something. You might want to check out Asus forums or any of the motherboard review sites. Years ago, Intel had to pull a fast pentium 3 from the market because they weren’t working reliably enough. It was discovered by AnandTech, or Tom’s Hardware or some other such review site. They also had a motherboard problem around then too, with motherboard frying themselves. This doesn’t sound as serious, but it could be a small production hick-up.

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