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Where are my mod buddies?

Asked by loser (14987points) March 8th, 2010

Need help with Glenn Beck questions!

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No kidding.

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Need help figuring out which loony bin is missing an inmate so we can send him/her back.

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:| Just don’t give him any attention. Unfollow the thread and don’t look back at it. Mods will sort it out.

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Good idea. That crap just pisses me off. Thanks.

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I’m having fun…is this wrong?

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oh sweet merciful heavens, 4chan has discovered fluther. May god save us all.

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the mods have arrived

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I am glad they arrived, but I was finding that thread incredibly interesting.

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In a weird, perverted way, I found it pretty amusing, myself.

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Sorry all!
Usually I am around but stepped out to donate blood.
The dark side must have known!

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@Dog Just like you to go help someone. Shame on you.~

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~Yeah- I really need to stop that shit. ;)

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Thou art forgiven. Thanks for donating. You’re a good guy!

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It was me, everyone.

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Ha ha ha ha!
Good thing Tim was there to take away the keyboard ;)

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@andrew O.k. Good to know

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Yeah I had to IP ban @andrew. Sadly we’re on the same IP so I’m now forced to do everything from my phone like @Dog

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@andrew Please tell me that’s not true.

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@loser Definitely not true. It was a known troll. Sorry none of us were around when he arrived!

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Phew! I am so gullible!!!


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And that’s why we love you. :D

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Somewhere a village is missing its idiot.

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@breedmitch Not anymore… We sent him back!

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