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Apline Type-R or Kicker Solobaric L7?

Asked by addicted2porn (40points) March 8th, 2010

My old speakers finally bit the dust and it’s time to get some new ones. Now I just have to decide between a pair of 12in. Alpine Type-R’s or a pair of 12in. Kicker Solobaric L7’s. Both are the mid-level sub in both quality and performance and I’ve found nothing bad about either. Personally I’m leaning towards the Kickers, but I found both systems to have exceptional performance for the money. So this is solely an OPINION. No need to throw pointless numbers at me that I already know.

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When Kickers are pumping, they are literally heart stopping. I sat in a room with ONE solobaric hooked up to a 1000 watt monoblock amp, and I couldn’t breathe it was so loud and intense.

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I have always heard great things about Kickers, although I’ve never owned any Kicker equipment. I owned various Alpine components for years, and was ALWAYS very happy with their performance. If they both have exceptional performance for the money, I would buy whichever ones will save you a bit of money!

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What type of enclosure you thinkin for the Type-R’s?

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Ported. But closer to the minimum cubic ft requirements rather than anything bigger.

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