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Can someone help me find interesting internet videos for an art piece?

Asked by Scazrelet (16points) March 9th, 2010

I am doing an interactive sculptural art piece for college, and I was looking for funny, adorable, horrifying, disgusting, sexy, uplifting, bland, confusing, or otherwise interesting internet videos. Basically anything that provokes a reaction where the “punch” of it is relatively short in length as I will be editing them together. So less build up preferred. I thought I would tap the conscious of the internet, so I am asking you guys. Any recommendations?

If all goes well I will link you guys to a place where you can watch the interaction live as it is occurring, hopefully on the 26th.

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The cook his wife the thief and her lover – beautiful juxtaposition of light and dark, truth and lies. Great graphics too.
Trainspotting – a mix of pop culture and drug induced imagery.
Marie Antoinette – Sofia Coppola. – contrasting stylalized modern historical view.
Saw – for horrific punch value and depravity
Pulp Fiction for romanticized violence
ET – for adorable corny workable sentiments….I realize you asked for internet videos but I am sure you can edit these or find snippets on same.

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Maybe This or possibly this

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a few tidbits from my amusingX files
a feel-good well-orchestrated flash even in Antwerp
incredibly hi-tech stuff—take the dramatic demo bits out better for soundtrack porn star/former italian politician sings “the red muscle of love” [moscolo rosso] other youtube versions may have action. song is really filthy [in Italian]

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