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If you could go ahead or behind in time,which would you choose?

Asked by YoH (1414points) March 9th, 2010

If you could go ahead in time from your current age,and stay there for a week, opposed to going back in time from your current age and staying there for a week, which would you choose and why? This would also mean you would be ten years older or younger for a week.

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I would do 10 years older.I already know what happened back then ;))lol

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Back in time.
I’d rather not know what goes down in the future.
Also, 4th grade was pretty badass.

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I’d love to go back to elementary school. Do the things we do (in your hypothetical scenario) affect the future in any way? If so, I’d leave encouraging notes/advice to myself.

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@absalom Yes of course. This is the real deal :)


Behind. My high school days went too fast and I didn’t enjoy them that much because I was always studying and had my nose buried in the books. I’d love to re-live them and enjoy that period more, with no books——the sweet bird of youth.

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I can close my eyes and go “back” any time I want. Or I can open them and go ahead. I like both, but I’d hate not to be able to keep going “ahead”.

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I would go forward; I don’t want history to repeat itself.

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I think as much as you want to change the past that its not too ambitious of a goal. The real question is whether youve learned and listened enough up to this point to create an amazing future, starting NOW! The past is just the history channel, a distraction.

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I’d go ahead in time by 50 years, just to see what i’d done with my life, but Id try not to get details maybe just a vague idea to help me understand what to do with my life in the present.

Id rather not go back. My childhood was horribly boring, and spent in isolation.

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I’ll stay right where I am thank you very much.

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Every now and then I imagine being an old man, peeking in on my current dilemnas and actions of the moment, and thinking “what are you waiting for kid!?” lol Great motivator…

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Tough one… I’d flip a coin. Oh, if it was only 10 years, I would definitely go forward. I still remember everything that happened 10 years ago so that wouldn’t be much of a new experience.

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I would go 4–5 years into the future and make sure I have children.

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I’d like to go forward and see if any medical advances have occurred. It might lighten my load a bit. I would also check in on all of my children, and make sure they’re doing all right. If not, I’d try to figure out how to help them avoid their future problems by taking action in the present.

@chamelopotamus Welcome to Fluther!

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can i go ahead by centuries?

Otherwise as most of us would, go back and give all i have got to impress someone i miss!!!

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I would definitely go back in time, think of all the mistakes you could correct, and how many things you could redo, I know I have done a thing or two I regret and going back with the knowledge I have now could really do a lot.

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I’d go back to something I really enjoyed at a younger age and do it again. I can certainly think of several things.

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i want to go back and be a miner in the 1800s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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