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Things you do regularly once a week: too often or not often enough?

Asked by Jeruba (53628points) July 18th, 2018

Does a seven-day cycle for things suit your internal rhythm? Or do you think you’d prefer eight or nine days or maybe six?

Work week.
School week.
Music lessons.
Therapy appointment.
Laundry day.
Support group meeting.
Garbage pickup.
Choir practice.
Grocery shopping.
Calling your mother.

Whatever you do on a weekly schedule, do you wish it came a little sooner—or is the interval always a bit too short for you?

How comfortably does your routine fit into a seven-day calendar?

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French lesson comes up way too soon. Monday again? Je n’ai pas fini mes devoirs!

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Well, I clean the kitchen 7 days a week. I take trash and recycle out on Monday night, for pick up the next morning. Other than that there is nothing I have scheduled the way I used to when the kids were small.

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The question is: for things that happen once a week, do you like that seven-day frequency?

I usually wish I had one or two extra days, even for things I enjoy every week, like my art class. Things that come around every seven days always make me feel a little bit rushed.

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Oh. Well. It’s OK. However, I am rather relieved when I check the recycle bin and it’s only ½ full so I don’t have to tote it out to the curb until the following week.

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shave, but I used to get away with once a month. Now once a week is becoming insufficient.

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I can see that I didn’t make my question clear. Trying again:

Is every seven days a natural rhythm for you, or does your internal clock run a little faster or slower?

Given that something does happen every seven days (for example, church, or trash day, or a regular TV program), does it come around too fast for you, or too slowly?

For instance, I love my weekly art class, but I wish my classes were nine days apart, not seven. And trash day always comes too soon. (“Monday again?” is exactly what I mean.)

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Well, that would also depend on what it is. If it’s something nasty that I have to do regularly, then I’d rather it came once a month or once a year instead of every 7 days. On the other hand I really look forward to seeing my Grand kids on Saturdays and I could do that every day.

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A weekly event with a friend I wish was 5 days, not 7. Garbage pick-up would work better for me about 9 days (I don’t generate much). Otherwise, I’m pretty well set.

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I fire housestaff on a weekly basis & cannot wait for those 7 days to spin round.
Every man should have a hobby.

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Recycle is picked up once a week, but ten days would suit me better. The problem is, a ten day cycle I would surely screw up, and forget to put the recycle out for pick up.

When I lived in TN trash pick up was once a week, and I’m very happy to be living back in a place with twice a week pick up.

I go to international folk dancing class once a week, and I wish it was more often.

TV shows that I love that are once a week, I wish they were twice a week.

I vacuum once a week, and that’s good.

I clean the bathroom once a week, and I’m fine with that.

I try to wash the sheets once a week, sometimes it drags out beyond that.

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My natural cycle for things like that seems to be semi-weekly. I like to go on two long runs each week, not one. I do laundry twice a week.

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Sunday comes after every week.. would love it if it comes earlier and Monday can come little later.. jk..) There aren’t any schedules for me which are weekly or fortnightly as of now.

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Seven days seems good for me, but I’ve never had a chance to try something different.

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Mowing the lawn…

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I just wonder if we’re somehow naturally in synch with the weekly (7-day) rhythm, which seems pretty arbitrary to me, or if it’s like some big adjustment that we all learn to make when we’re old enough to be affected by it. Just as some people have a circadian rhythm that’s longer than 24 hours, I think my natural week would be about 8 days.

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@Jeruba My guess is it isn’t a natural or instinctual thing.

I think it has more to do with the work week. I don’t know the history, but my guess is people used to work 6 days a week, and rested on the 7th, partly from religious teachings. It’s possible religion came up with that because of some sort of agreement that came from natural instinct, or maybe the people who wrote that down wanted a rest every so often themselves, and after 6 days they were all exhausted, and agreed that they needed a rest after that. More likely they wanted people to come into the place of worship every “week” to donate their money. Interestingly, though, in Judaism you can’t touch money on the Sabbath. I guess Christians realized there was opportunity there.

Modern day we have a 5 day work week (usually) and then we fit other chores in where we can. 5 days straight is actually very hard for me. I prefer a more erratic schedule, even if I’m working the same amount of total days in the end.

When they created the calendar, I think that started to routinize how we group days and weeks together. The Jewish calendar creates a month different than our modern-day calendar, but I think people reference a month’s time according to the calendar being used, not some sort of natural instinct.

The moon gives us a 28 day cycle, but we mostly ignore that, because our current calendar ignores it.

I think if a new calendar came out with an eight day week, we would adjust to it accordingly.

My natural instinct is to not be on a rigid routine. I prefer doing things more randomly, but outside forces make me conform to some extent.

Or, maybe you’re right, and it is like circadian rhythm, I’m just putting some thoughts out there after considering your hypothesis.

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A seven day week seems arbitrary and now I’m retired I don’t pay much attention to the days of the week and I often lose track of what day it is. Taking the example of garbage collection, it is unlikely a pick up every seven days is the optimum. We have different bins here for different types of garbage; food waste, paper and plastics and a third for everything else. A seven day cycle wouldn’t suit each type of bin but we have communal bins where we can dump rubbish at any time and on any day.

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A seven day week may seem arbitrary, and in fact made have indeed been started as an arbitrary unit of measurement, but it has been around long enough that the conditioning of measuring a fixed amount of days as a unit may well be imprinted in our genetic memory as an absolute (like a day/night cycle).

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I have to shave, more often than when I was younger. Pretty much every two days, I need to at least clip…

It sucks…

Otherwise, I seem to get skin issues, if my hair gets a certain length.

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Regarding @flutherother’s comment. I live in a retirement community with tons of activities, and the days of the week dictate the schedule more than anything. I agree when you’re retired it’s easy to lose track of the day or the date, but for example I attend a discussion group every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. I teach Zumba every 2nd and 4th Thursday. I go to folk dance class every Wednesday. Where I live the schedule is driven by days of the week more than dates. For most people here Tuesday is the same as Saturday, weekends aren’t coveted in the same way as when you work M-F.

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We usually have waffles on Sunday. I wouldn’t mind having them on Wednesdays.

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Try putting a little pineapple cream cheese in your waffle batter.

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