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How would you finish this day?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 30th, 2008

you wake up in a big sunny city. no obligations (except morality, i suppose) and lots of energy.

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I’ll finish it by falling asleep.

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I’d visit a museum, loll about in a grassy park, find a funky book store, and then eat a scrumptious dinner at a five star restaurant.

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Steal a Ferrari, go to a ball game, go to an art museum, eat at a fancy restaurant, join a parade, and evade the law.

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get chinese food!

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Murmaid Murder. It happens when you least expect it.

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am i in the city with friends and/or family? if so, i would spend the time exploring the city, eating fine cuisine and shopping with them. i would end the late night in bed with a good book :) and then hope i am stuck in a Groundhog Day-esque loop

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Is the city near water? I would go to a beach, failing that a park. Love that bookstore idea, maybe used, maybe a mystery bookstore.

Is it one of our great cities? San Francisco? New York? There is so much to see!

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Invite some friends over, go swimming, barbecue, cocktails, watch a movie or play a game.

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With a Martini. ..maybe two.

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Ah… To attempt to plan out such a day would degrade the very thing which makes a day like this special… Freedom

Just get out of your house. Go somewhere new and just get lost by yourself. Explore, create mischeif, meet random people… Just get out of the house. If you open your mind up to the possibility that anything could happen, then everything will. Just go

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I’d love to get some stuff and drive to the lake (1.5 hours from my house) have lunch there, and stay just staring at the sun reflection on the water, with a book, and a big hot chocolate mug and my ipod, just in case :)

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You’ve seen Ferris doing that so many times (just as I did) :)

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Have a delicious dinner and tea with Judyprays

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Go Dancing.

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A Margarita. No doubt.

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Listen to my music. Loud enough to appreciate quality and detail but not loud enough to damage my hearing. I love my music and I can’t stop finding the right stuff. Different music appeals differently. I’d spend the day finding the perfect music set to finish the day :D

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shoot-out / car-chase / explosion sequence off the pier. after the credits roll, some bubbles emerge from the murky water, hinting to a sequel.

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i always…well, what guys my age with a disk filled with filth do…before i go to bed, then i put my messenger to sleep, set my alarm, put on a podcast (Macbreak Tech or Top Secret: Bionic Commando) and lay my apple remote next to me…and then i fall asleep

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sleep and repeat.

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I did a face plant on a subway car while eating a bag of cheetos after a long night of unnecessary drinking.

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Relaxing in my fav chair while watching some tv.

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Get another tattoo.


Heck yeah. Might even do that here.

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Go outside with a camera hung around your neck, a wad of cash hanging out of your back pocket, and look up the ENTIRE time.

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I’d finish it with darkness, as it would be 11:59:59 PM

Unless, of course, it was in the summer time at Point Barrow, Alaska, inside the arctic circle.

September 4, 2008, 1:54 PM EDT

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Make the best of it. Go out and have fun in the sun and mmeet new people <3. Show the world what your made of.

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Get comfortable outdoors and read before I took a walk. Then read some more.

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