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what should I buy xbox 360 or ps3

Asked by Beat170 (28points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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What are you looking for in a videogame console?

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look at below question about xbox&ps3

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yeah if you want some biased answers go ahead and check out

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something with great graphics and awesome online play

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the xbox 360 specializes in online play (though it isn’t free, but reasonably priced), and most multi-platform games simply run better and often look more vivid on the 360.
a good example of this would be madden 08, the ps3 version runs at 30fps according to many reviewers.

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what would you suggest for someone that likes games like halo and call of duty

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halo is only on xbox360. Ps good choice in games I have both.

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Yeah I guess that’s true do u think that they will make a fourth

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a halo rts game is in the works, though it’s not being developed by bungie.

and i’m pretty sure a fourth will be made at some point, too much money in the series.

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you think that bungie splitting from microsoft is going to affect the next halos (if they make another)

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microsoft owns halo, so not really.

and i’m pretty sure bungie is still going to develop exclusively for microsoft, so i don’t see it as much of a big deal, they just have more creative freedom.

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better games
better graphics

blue-ray built in (the winning DVD format)

Mmo Game called home built in

cool game called littlebigplanet comming out

Better games

Free online w/ demos and movie previews
Six axis controller

PS3 is the way better!!!

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It really depends on what games you are into. I’m not into fps or shooters or pvp style games, so my sony-fanboi-ism (fangirl?) will always win out. I love the fact that the ps3 became my home entertainment center (bluray, home, movie trailers, etc).

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all depends on what type of games you want to play. Owning both I feel the xbox 360 is great for fps shooter especially when you frag against players online (for a fee) . The ps3 is awesome for RPG like final fantasy and sports games. The lines are blurred since a lot of games are available for both system so look at the excluive games and decide. Which ever system beaware you probably have to use a hd tv or at the very least an LCD screen to take advatange of graphics. It really makes a difference.

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the problem with blue ray is that you can’t upgrade it,better blue ray DVDs will come out with better graphics,he has the option of upgrading,check it out in therechnology section at

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Might I add that this question was asked today by someone else, and is still on the frontpage? Please scan and search before asking.

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ps3. Blueray is the future

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360 all the way. You will play it alot more and stay interested in the games longer because of the gamer points.

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why are people calling it blue-ray? you should at least know what the name is of the format you blindly stand behind.

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people who simply flout the ps3 as being better are just acting ill-informed. The xbox 360 is offering you online play YEARS ahead of the ps3’s online functions (they’re just now getting in game friends list) next the 360 is cheaper than the ps3 if money is an issue. Not many know this but if anything the xbox 360 is more advanced in terms of game design potential than the ps3. It is capable of better ai and shading. Most cross platform games seem to look better on the xbox than ps3 ( offers some of these comparison videos) the ps3 does have its advantages though. It is the cheapest blu ray player on the market and offers more Japanese content. Most of the ps3’s “pro’s” can easily be debunked. The previous answer’s author seems to be grossly misinformed. The six axis controller is currently a gimmick that makes games worse (see lair and motorstorm for proof) the games are no better being that most of the games are multi platform with the exception of metal gear solid and little big planet. In summary the 360 has much better online play, arguably better games, no doubt better exclusives at the moment, a better price point, a rumored blu ray drive in the making, movie rentals, vast media market place, vast amounts of casual and arcade games, equal if not better graphics, and it frankly looks better than the behemoth that is the ps3. The ps3 only has free online, guaranteed blu ray, a slight lead in Japanese devolpment. I think that the choice is obvious

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